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Womens Health Clinics -What are they for?


Numerous women’s health clinics has been around for a long time now catering to women’s unique health needs. They are found to be very effective in providing preventive care among women in the communities who seeks a more gender-friendly setting. But what does women’s health clinic offer? And what can they do for your health?

Ever since health care has been known to everyone, women’s health was often simply related to obstetrics and gynecology or all about reproductive health. Through the evolution and major developments in health care, women’s health is not bound to maternal and childbirth anymore. It expound to a more holistic view of health care designed to the unique needs of the totality of the women.

To be able to reach women easily and respond to their health needs, women’s health clinics became widely available. It helped in information dissemination about precautions on all aspects of women’s health and delivering primary care to them. It not only made the health of the women improve, but it also helped decrease health care costs both the families and the government.

Who can go to women’s health clinics?

Women’s clinics cater to the needs of different types of patient. Women who are concerned about their health, who wants to learn more about their health status, who wants to prevent any sickness or diseases that they know can affect their lives, and for anyone who are protective about their health in general are welcome to go to a women’s health clinic. The recent trends of women who go to the health clinics are the young ones, better, and are educated with high physical functions, but are problematic with their psychosocial aspect of health. These women are more likely to prefer female physicians and attendees for easier communication of such sensitive information about their health.

What are the general services women’s health clinic programs offer?

- Health screenings and health promotion programs. They can provide screenings for breast cancer, colon cancer, and other detectable diseases. Disease prevention and health promotion programs like cessation of smoking, dietary change, weight management, increased exercise, protected sex and many more.

- Gender-specific services which includes, breast cancer screening through mammography, cervical cancer screening through pap smear, sexual and reproductive health issues counseling, pregnancy and childbirth, mental and well-being, and even violence against women.

Nothing is to be scared of when you decided to trust your health into a women’s health clinic plan. Aspects of your total well-being can be surely taken care of in these female specific settings. They can understand what you are going through better to lead your life in to a fuller new you.

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