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Eating A Marshmellow

I have been exercising and improving my body for over 20 years. It's a passion and a lifestyle. Over that time I have tried every single major diet technique I have heard of. If you pole most people that exercise and eat right regularly, they will tell you that diet is 75% of what makes you look and feel good. The other 25% comes from exercise. Let's look at all the major diets and techniques that are out there. I'll be adding sample menus. Also, pros and cons sections for everything in the coming months.

Here is all my work on Diets:

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Types of Diets and Diet Fads

  1. 3-Day Diet
  2. 3-Hour Diet
  3. The 4-Day Diet
  4. The 17-Day Diet
  5. The Andrew Weil Diet
  6. Atkins
  7. The Color Diet
  8. The Eat More Weigh Less
  9. Eat Right for Your Type
  10. Eat This, Not That
  11. Eat What You Love
  12. Flexitarian Diet: Lose Weight without Giving Up Meat
  13. The Gene Smart Diet
  14. A Gluten Free Diet
  15. Grapefruit Diet
  16. What is the Hallelujah Diet?
  17. What Is The Living Low Carb?
  18. What Is The Macrobiotic Diet?
  19. Master Your Metabolism Program
  20. What is the Mayo Clinic Diet?
  21. Medifast
  22. What Is the Morning Banana Diet?
  23. What is the Protein Power Diet Plan?
  24. Raw Food Diet
  25. The Rice Diet Solution
  26. 5 Factor Diet: Lose Weight Like Your Celebrity Idols
  27. Skinny Vegan Diet
  28. SlimFast
  29. Sonoma Diet
  30. The South Beach Diet
  31. South Beach Diet Supercharged
  32. Sugar Busters Diet Plan
  33. The Thin For Life Diet
  34. The UltraMetabolism Diet Program
  35. What Is the Volumetrics Diet?
  36. Weigh Down Diet
  37. What is the Kind Diet?
  38. What is the Pritikin Principle?
  39. What is the Naturally Thin Diet?
  40. What is the You On a Diet? Diet
  41. What is The Cabbage Soup Diet?
  42. The Carb Lovers Diet: Its Pros and Cons
  43. The Caveman Diet
  44. The Cheater's Diet
  45. The Zone
  46. The High School Reunion Diet
  47. What is the Weight Watchers Diet?
  48. What Is The Hormone Diet?
  49. What Is The Instinct Diet?
  50. What is the 02 Diet?
  51. What is the Baby Food Diet?
  52. What is the Belly Fat Cure Diet?
  53. What's Your Flavor? - The Flavor Point Diet
  54. What is the Big Breakfast Diet?
  55. The Brown Fat Revolution Diet
  56. The Biggest Loser Diet
  57. Biggest Loser Swamp Diet
  58. Dukan Diet
  59. Eco Atkins Diet
  60. What is the Fast Food Diet?
  61. What is the Fat Smash Diet?
  62. What is the Flat Belly Diet?
  63. What is the "French Women Don't Get Fat"?
  64. What is the Fresh Diet?
  65. What is the Fruit Flush Diet?
  66. What is the Fullbar Diet?
  67. What is the Glycemic Index Diet Plan?
  68. What Is The HGG Diet?
  69. What is the Jenny Craig Diet Plan Like?
  70. What is the LA Weight Loss Diet Plan?
  71. What is the Lemonade Diet?
  72. What is the Mediterranean Diet?
  73. What is the New Atkins for a New You?
  74. What is the New Beverly Hills Diet?
  75. What is the NutriSystem Diet?
  76. What is the Paleolithic Diet?
  77. What is the Park Avenue Diet?
  78. What is the Perricone Diet?
  79. What is the Personality Type Diet?
  80. What is Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution?
  81. What is the Cookie Diet?
  82. What is the Diet Solution Program?
  83. What is the Eat Clean Diet?
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