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How to Lower Your Cholesterol

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Have you ever wondered how cholesterol looks like? It's a substance similar to fat but waxy in texture. Cholesterol is processed in the liver. You can get it from eating fatty meats, eggs, and dairies. Although fats are the weight watchers' number one enemy, you should know that it is a vital nutrient that the body function well. Fat is among the three macronutrients alongside protein and carbohydrates. However, too much fat or cholesterol in the body increases one's risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

To safeguard your heart's health, it is advisable to take precautionary measures. Have your cholesterol level checked to know the next steps you need to take.

Natural Ways on How to Lower Cholesterol

You can lower your cholesterol level by taking medications but sometimes, they are not needed. Owe it to nature's healing wealth. Some researches prove that medication reduces the level of cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of heart attack by only one percent. You know why? Because medications are a temporary relief. The patient tends to get too confident to continue with his old unhealthy lifestyle because he can rely on these quick fixes anytime the signs crop up.

Some studies have found that people who are taking medications to address their high cholesterol levels displays the following behaviors:

Abnormalities in the liver




Muscle pain

Poor memory

Suffering from these is not necessary. Actually, lowering cholesterol level naturally is easy and more beneficial considering how the natural prevention methods also prolong your life and increase your chances of running Scot-free from cardiovascular problems.

How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

These natural preventive methods have been practiced by many people across the globe who swears by their effectiveness. They may be challenging and may require you to have a major lifestyle change but in the end, all's well that ends well. Here are some simple tips:

Increase your physical activity and dedicate at least 30 minutes every day to cardio workouts. Run a few lapses every morning or use the stairs instead of the elevator or walk a few kilometers to your office if you can. You get to save on gas and save your heart at the same time.

A diet that guarantees to lower your cholesterol guarantees that you are heart disease-free. Sometimes too, fat is the solution to your problem on fat. Good fat vs. bad fat. Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids effectively lower cholesterol level. These are mostly found in tuna and salmon.

Obesity or merely being overweight may result in increase in bad cholesterol. Increase your good cholesterol by losing weight.

Eat foods rich in fiber. You can get fibers from whole grains, oat, and green leafy vegetables. Fibers help wash away cholesterol. One bowl of oatmeal everyday may do the trick but this should go hand in hand with fiber-rich vegetables.

Cut back on fat intake. If you love eating fatty meats, it is recommended that you regulate your consumption if not quit. It is indeed impossible to abandon completely the foods you have been used to eating but do it for your health. Too much bad fats can clog the arteries that supply oxygen to the heart and may cause heart attack or myocardial infarction. Before you can do something about it, it may too late.

Avoid eating too much sweets and processed food stuff. These will only pump up triglycerides as well as cholesterol.

Avoid drinking too much coffee as this has stimulating caffeine content that sets your heart at abnormal speed rate especially when stressed. It may sound harsh but caffeine is one of bad cholesterol's active allies. The same goes for alcohol and beer.

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