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Calorie Based Diets or Carb Diets? Which Is Better For Men?

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Many men of today are suffering from obesity. For men, obesity is a severe medical condition wherein inside his body, there is more than enough fatty substances to make his heart explode or at least the arteries that carry the blood away from his heart. This condition is very common among men who do not possess the proper disciplinary attitude for their body to become fit. On the other hand, there are those that even though they have superb amount of fats, still wants to be change their body and have a healthier life. A Carb Diet for Men would be an absolute help for those men who share the same goal of being fit. Should you do a Carb Diet or just do the old faithful steady calorie counting? Let's take a look.

Counting calorie in weight loss programs is a method that is very effective in men's diet. Calorie based diet for men is a pre-planned diet program that you can follow effectively because it is based on your caloric intake which is very safe and reliable. Therefore, keeping track of calories on your way to losing weight will be much efficient if you are better equipped with proper information about your chosen diet.

Keeping track of calories

Keeping a journal of the food and number of calories you have consumed everyday will help you to be more focused on the goal of losing weight. Counting the calories you consume each day and comparing it to how much calorie is recommended for you to burn everyday will help you to prevent storing of excess calories that will just become fat and you don't want that. You can also decrease your daily caloric intake by 500 calories for a week's time; you'll burn as much as 3500 calories or one pound equivalent of your current stored fat! Wonderful isn't it? Let's know more about calorie...

What are calories?

Basically, calorie is a measure of energy you can get from food that is burned to turn it into energy that you can use to do your daily work and other physical activities throughout the day. To ensure the body is getting enough calories, eating healthy foods should not be taken for granted.

How many calories do I need everyday?

Recommended daily calorie intake is a guideline that you can follow to keep track if you are getting enough or if you are consuming calories more than you should be. But you have to remember that calorie needs vary from a person's weight and height, built, daily physical activity, and even health conditions. But in general, men need about 2,700 calories per day for those adults with little physical activities in a day.

Calorie based diets for men are one helpful way to lose weight easily. However, you need to be dedicated and disciplined in order for you to achieve your desired result. Eating healthy foods, exercising and most of all, your attitude toward your goal will definitely help you become successful in your way to weight loss.

A Carb Diet for Men includes two types and those are Low Carb Diet for Men and High Carb Diet for Men. Each of these will help a man in their own ways to reach their desired body. A Low Carb Diet for men would include consuming foods that contain no carbohydrates at all for their body to immediately start metabolism. They should only eat meat, cheese and eggs. However, carbohydrates are introduced again to the process but only in small amounts. There is also a disadvantage if a man engages in a low carb diet and one of it is that low carb diet for men are only good for a short period of time since it will be very difficult to maintain it.

On the other hand, a high carb diet for men would also contribute to a man's body. It was also said that this kind of diet is very effective for those who wants to attain a good muscle tone and strong bones. Many years before, the primary food that men eat contains high amount of carbohydrate. In return, they get a large body with a good muscle tone around them. It was also said that their bones were stronger compared to the usual. A high carb diet for men would include foods such breads, cereals and several more. However, too much of these carbohydrates would result to a buildup of fats which is unfortunate.

A Carb Diet for Men is an important part of their life to have a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life. For those who want to be slim, they can engage to a low carb diet, and on the other hand, those who want to gain weights, they can engage to a high carb diet. As long as these plans are taken properly and without flaws, it would surely help a man.

I have followed both methods of dieting to lose a few pounds. They both work. I did notice that I was a bit more flabby when on the Card diet, but once I reintroduced carbs, I was actual leaner than the low calorie diet. The carb diet really shrinks your muscles. After all carbohydrates cause your muscles to swell and hold more water and thereby looking bigger. When I was in the City for a long time, Carb diets were impossible, I couldn't find constant meat sources. Given the option I would much rather do the low calorie, because I can still eat what I want just not a great deal of it.

Whish diet should you follow? It really depends on what you think you can change in your lifestyle. If you don't have access to a constant meat supply, counting calories may be the way to go. If you have the time, Carb diets have shown great promise. Both work it's just a matter of what fits your lifestyle.

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