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How to Start a Weight Training Program

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Because of the emergence of various kinds of diets and exercises, more and more people are starting to become more health conscious. Gone are the days when all you would see in the gym are fit people in their twenties. At present, people of all ages are now turning into health buffs. Whether it is a housewife in her fifties, a college student in his teens or a grandfather in his seventies, more and more people are starting to discover the joys of living a healthy lifestyle.

Why do people train their bodies with weights? It's really very simple, regular weight training increases your body's muscle mass which in turn makes feel better, look better, and live longer. It is the closest thing to the fountain of youth we have ever discovered.

Although the prospect of working out and getting into shape really is fun and exciting, it also involves a lot of hard-work, patience, dedication, and discipline. That is why coming up with an effective weight training program is imperative.

So what exactly is a weight training program? In a nut shell, weight training is the process of coming up with a program composed of various types of exercises such as cardiovascular training and weight lifting as well. In addition to coming up with an effective exercise program, weight training also encourages a person to start a diet that will enable him or her to properly carry out the various exercises included in the weight training program.

The best and most obvious way to start an effective weight training program is by enrolling in a gym. Most gyms nowadays have a number of qualified personal trainers who can help a person come up with a weight training program that fits his or her lifestyle. Although getting a personal trainer is a good investment, it involves having to spend a lot of money, something that most people in these tough economic times would be less than willing to do.

A gym is a good choice, if you have the money and the time. When I had young children, it was difficult for me to use the gym and honestly the cost was quite excessive. So I eventually switched to my own home gym. I started with the basics a set of dumbs and body bands. Maybe I spent 50 bucks. I rediscovered push-ups and pull-ups and honestly have just as good a workout these days.

That being said, people on a budget can still start an effective weight training program even without the help of a personal trainer. This can be done by following the different tips below:

The first thing a person needs to do is to find out the main reason why he or she wants to start working out. This is important because this will give a person a clear sense of purpose as to why he or she wants to start living a healthy lifestyle. Second, a person must check his or her body. Is there a specific body part that needs work or does your body need a complete haul over? Answering these questions will help a person pinpoint the exercise he or she needs to focus on. After doing these steps, the person should read up on effective weight training programs found in exercise books, magazines, and websites. Before going to the gym, it is also suggested for a person to consult with his or her doctor in order to find out if he or she has any medical condition that could get in the way of the weight training program.

Getting Started in the Gym

Once a person is done doing the necessary research, he or she can start his or her weight training program in the gym. During the initial stages of a person's weight training program, he or she must choose about one to two exercises that will target each major muscle group such as the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, lower body, and abdominals. Each exercise should have about fifteen to sixteen repetitions. It is also important for a beginner not to overwork him/herself. Three non-consecutive workout sessions per week is suggested for beginners.

Starting a weight training program can be pretty daunting. However, if a person is focused and maintains the right attitude, noticeable improvements on his or her physique can be achieved within a matter of months.

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