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Men's Health Workout Routines For Men Over 40

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Have you ever thought of regaining back your body or realized that you want to workout at quite a late age. One need not worry; there are still men's health workout routines that you can do to do to avoid the risks of cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and hypertension. Before starting with ones workout one must do the following:

1. See the doctor and asked for a physical test to determine suitability of the workout routines to your current condition. Ask the doctor to recommend the right pulse rate and determine pulse rate during an exercise.

2. Before starting on your workout find comfortable attire that you can use while working out.

3. Find friends who can be your workout partner so that you will be motivated to exercise for more than a few times a week.

4. Also consider the availability of time. Ask yourself if you have enough time for workout, rest and in doing various activities to avoid boredom.

5. Don't rush into doing a men's health workout routine but use a slower approach instead then increase gradually. Also determine the intensity of the workout routine.

A most men over the age of 40 usually try to consider cardio exercise, flexibility and toning. Weight training is also essential for lifelong health. Examples of these are aerobic exercises like walking, biking, jogging and swimming or stretching exercises (flexibility) or weight training (muscle toning and strength). Workout or low intensity activities must be done less than 30 minutes daily and every other day for high intensity activities or for an exercise of greater than 30 minutes. Always do a warm-up exercise for 3 to 5 minutes before getting into the men's health workout routines and 2 to 5 minutes to relax. Brisk walking (100 cal burned per mile), swimming (medium speed), cycling (<10mph), dancing, jogging (medium speed) are some examples of moderate intensity activities. Aerobics (100 cal burned in 20 mins), tai-bo, mountain climbing, tennis, basketball, jogging or running (120 cal burned per mile), jumping rope are some examples of high intensity activities.

Where do you start? I would say the best mindset to keep through all of this is to try to make it fun and keep it fun. Once working out feels like work, change it up immediately. Workout routines can make you feel great, but you can also get depressed, if you get super bored with it.

I like to make sure I change my workout every month. Like this month, I'm doing a 4-week routine I found in Men's Health Magazine. Last month, I did 4 weeks of the P90X program. The month before that, I did Shaun T's Insanity workout. Next month I plan to do German Volume Training. I mix it up as much as possible to keep it fun. I also throw a little yoga in there once a week, it helps me recover much quicker.

In addition to these men's health workout routines, one must also keep a record of one's progress. One must also have enough sleep, be hydrated, take vitamins, eat more, and eat protein rich food to supplement the workout routines.

We must also remember that doing the following men's health workout routines is solely for the maintenance of good health and not to endanger one's life. One should stop exercising if you feel bone, legs and chest pains; fainting, nausea, dizziness, palpitations, and difficulty in breathing.

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