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What is FST-7 Training?

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Have you ever watched football and wondered how Phil Health aka "The Gift", Bill Wilmore, and even Ed Nunn gets their super powerful kicks that earned them their names in the IFBB Pro League Athletes? If you ask them directly, they will give you only one answer, it is through the FST-7-the perfect Health and Fitness training for athletes, amateurs, and beginner athletes alike. But what exactly is FST-7?

FST is an acronym that stands for Fascia Stretch Training. The Fascia is a thin connective tissue that covers your muscles and organs. It protects your muscles and organs from too much outer force and keeps them in place. But this thin connective tissue is also the number one hindrance to get bigger, stronger muscles.

The FST-7 is designed to stretch your fascia and give room for more muscle size. The seven refers to the number of repetitions that you will do after every workout. After your routine Health and Fitness training, do 7 more repetitions with 35-40 seconds of rest, coupled with drinking water. The fascia will only stretch if you push more blood into your muscles. Drinking water helps get oxygen into your bloodstream and push more blood into the group of muscles being trained. In between repetitions, you should have 35-40 seconds rest for large muscle groups and 30 seconds of rest for smaller muscle groups as these can recover faster than larger ones due to the damage done on a larger area. Keep your target muscles flexed for 30 seconds in between every repetition to put more pressure on the fascia. After flexing in between the first rep and the seconds, alternate it with stretching for the next repetitions. Stretch your muscles while the muscle is pumped before and after the FST-7 and in between the repetitions. Like flexing, keep the target muscle stretched for 30 seconds to further loosen the fascia.

The FST-7 training should also be done only once or twice a week for a single muscle group. This Health and Fitness training was designed to bring up lagging body parts, and is used on your two weakest or smallest muscle groups. Avoid using it for every body part or doing more than once or twice a week as the intensity and volume of the exercises will lead to overtraining and muscle strains which will greatly damage your body. Large muscle-groups take longer when recovering so only train it with FST-7 once a week. Smaller muscle-groups have faster recuperation rates and twice a week will do wonders to its size and physique. Larger muscles means stronger muscles and muscles need heavier weights to stimulate growth. While doing the FST-7 however, you could drop down a few pounds on your weights to reach your target repetitions. The FST-7 is designed to stretch the fascia to give room for muscle growth after your regular Health and Fitness workout so it will be meaningless to add more weight or keep with the current weight as you have already done enough for muscle growth.

But what kind of exercises do you need to do for better results? You have a choice of Isolation and Compound Body exercises. Isolation techniques refer to exercises that focus on targeting one group of muscles with dead weights or machines. Compound exercises on the other hand refer balance and skill as you will be training more than one muscle group at the same time. For FST-7, it is best that you focus on the use Isolation techniques. Isolation techniques allow you to focus on one muscle group with heavier weights as compound techniques only use lighter weights because you have to focus on more than one muscle group, which will not be helpful for muscle growth but only for weight loss.

I have tried FST-7 for several years. I find that I can mix it up with yoga and it works great. I now do yoga or FST-7 once per week. I find that it really makes me feel better. If you are one of those people who are constantly sore, this is the thing for you. You'll still be sore, but nowhere near as long. Years ago I took 3 weeks off. I was still sore after 3 weeks. Now with FST-7 and yoga, I have two days soreness max.

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