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What is the Skinny Vegan Diet?

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A lot of people equate dieting with impeding oneself from enjoying delicious meals. However, thanks to a number of modern-day diets that have propagated in our society, dieting can now be fun and delicious. One diet that is all the rage with women nowadays is called the "Skinny Vegan Diet".

What is the Skinny Vegan Diet? This low-calorie diet came from the controversial diet book entitled "The Skinny Bitch". The said book, which was written by Kim Barnouin, suggests the importance of the vegan diet in the fight against animal cruelty. This diet book was conceptualized by Barnouin in order to introduce women to the benefits of living a healthy vegan lifestyle. So in a nutshell, the followers of the Skinny Vegan Diet are not only concerned about achieving a model's stick thin figure, they are also concerned about the welfare of animals and the environment. A number of celebrities have followed or are currently following this diet and they include Victoria Beckham and Meagan Fox.

Specific Types of Food Included in the Skinny Vegan Diet

Some of the foods included in the Skinny Vegan diet plan include whole grains, organic oils, organic fruits and vegetables, water, tea, wine and desserts made from unrefined ingredients. Someone who is following the Skinny Vegan Diet should only eat once he or she is already starving. Moreover, snacking is also discouraged.

This weight loss plan aims to eliminate fast food, animal products and processed food from a person's system. High-fiber and natural foods such as fruits and vegetables and soy products, on the other hand, are encouraged.

The Benefits of the Skinny Vegan Diet

The most obvious benefit of the Skinny Vegan Diet is that it is an effective way of losing weight. Aside from weight loss, however, it also has a number of other lifestyle and psychological benefits and these include the following: First, the Skinny Vegan Diet encourages its followers to get regular exercise. As a result, the productivity level of a person is increased, and at the same time, he or she is also trained to be more disciplined. Second, followers of the diet are also encouraged to make smarter food purchasing choices. Instead of buying meat, and processed frozen meals, they are encouraged to buy healthier food such as vegetables and fruits.

The Downside of the Skinny Vegan Diet

Although the Skinny Vegan Diet is an effective weight loss tool that encourages the protection of the environment and animal rights as well, its cons outweigh its pros. Some of its disadvantages include the following:

First, the diet does not include sufficient literature. A common lunch menu only lists the type of foods suggested but hails to include suggested portion intake and nutritional benefits of the meal. As a result, a dieter is forced to gauge how much he or she needs to take during a meal. This is very dangerous, especially for those who are not learned regarding proper nutrition.

Second, there is lack of scientific research behind the diet plan. Barnouin is not a doctor but a former model. That is why her suggestions and tips are somehow difficult to trust. Moreover, several organizations have also discouraged the use of the weight loss plan.

Third, the diet plan can be expensive. Because the process of producing organic food is lengthier, organic products tend to be more expensive.

Fourth and last, since meat and other animal products are discouraged by the diet, its followers are susceptible to developing vitamin deficiencies.

The Skinny Diet was developed by Barnouin in order to propagate a healthy lifestyle. However, more research needs to be conducted in order to make sure that the Skinny Vegan Diet is a safe and effective one.

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