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What is the Rice Diet Solution?


The rice diet solution is one of the oldest dietary practices that are still being followed today. It was invented by a German Kidney Doctor named Kempner whose aim was to fight chronic diseases through dietary manipulation and treat some diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. It was first introduced in Durham in 1939 for people who wanted to be treated from diseases such as obesity, kidney problems, heart disease and hypertension. The principle of the rice diet solution is to restrict the intake of sodium and sugar in order for people to lose weight. It also limits the intake of saturated fats and instead taking on carbohydrates found in fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains.

It is a very concrete approach to heal diseases and generates weight loss. Salts, sugar and fats tend to give an irresistible urge to eat more food. When these items are eliminated from the diet, there will be less consumption of food. This diet recommends foods that are low in sodium, sugar, fat, protein and calories. The rice diet will result in rapid weight loss if strictly followed and correctly practiced. Because of the rapid weight loss, you can also assume that this diet does take a toll on your body and will not be for everybody.

This diet is not restricted to only rice as a food intake. A person can actually have options as to what to eat on a daily basis provided that the approach follows the principles of the program.

This kind of diet is often called high-complex-carbohydrates and low-sodium whole-food diet making dieters to lose weight faster, safer and more effective compared to any other diet programs. One can lose about an average of twenty eight to thirty pounds for men and an average of nineteen pounds for women. The results of the program have been studied and sworn by people who had lost weight as well as those who experience immediate improvement in heart diseases, diabetes and hypertension.

The rice diet solution is implemented in three phases. The first phase is detoxification. This is perhaps the toughest of all the phases because calorie intake is very limited. Salt and sugar is not allowed. Fruits may be included but only once in this phase. Vegetables can be taken for 6 days. This will last for about a week.

The second phase is the appearance of weight loss. The food plan is followed on the first phase. Vegetable is allowed for five days and on the seventh day. This will also last for a week.

The third phase is called the maintenance phase. More protein intake is allowed in this phase so additional foods such as nuts or tofu can be added into the program. The plan permits only fruits, vegetables, beans which are naturally low in sodium, dairy with zero-fat, starches and foods low in protein. The fiber acts as a cleanser for the system, thereby giving a person satisfaction and the feeling of being full.

The rice diet solution is a physical, emotional and spiritual program that aims to change the way of life of an individual. Giving a person not only vitality and energy but also longevity. People who have undergone or still practicing the rice diet solution testified that the program really helped in solving their weight problems and it even taught them to live a new healthier way of life and more mindful living. Although rice diet is not a long term program, it can surely help a person achieve a target weight. Furthermore, it can help alleviate the symptoms of medical conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension, kidney problems and can even prevent these diseases from getting worse. This diet aims for a person to lose weight quickly and safely than any other dietary programs in the market today.

Please be aware that this type of diet is not a onetime deal to success. Returning to your normal diet will surely result in weight loss. If you consider this diet, think of it as more of a lifestyle, long term change.

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