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What is the Protein Power Diet Plan?

Protein Bacon

The popularity of diet plans as a means to control one's weight and live a fuller life continues to breathe life into the fitness world. While there are many diet programs out there, another program endeavors to be different. When doctors Michael and Mary decided to come up with an effective diet plan, they named it the Protein Power Diet Plan! This program focuses on the whole concept of dieting throughout history and uses the knowledge that we have learned from the forgotten era into present day applications. The husband and wife tandem in their book Protein Power speaks about the whole mechanism of the food-fuel at a level that a normal person could understand so that he or she may use the same to watch over his or her weight. The authors are proponents of eating more protein instead of carbohydrates in order to encourage the body to burn more fat efficiently as you are less tempted to eat carbs because of the filling effect of protein in the body. You will notice that in most Protein Power diet, there are recipes that call for steaks, fish, poultry and different kinds of cheeses because the creators believe that a higher ratio of protein against carbs is better for your health.

At the onset you will be trained to eat only as much as 30 grams of carbs in a day. But we know that not everybody can keep that number true hence, as advised by the doctors, you may go up to 55 grams of carbs in a day if your need to lose weight does not outweigh all other factors. In many instances therefore, the Protein Power Diet plan has been hailed as one of those low carb diet programs that people turn to when their goals become a bit tough to hurdle. It is interesting to note that under the Protein Power diet you are not left to count on how many calories you have consumed but you are advised to be very careful in counting the number of carbohydrates you consume in a day. The Protein Power Diet recommends the following foods as a guide for you to follow:

Beef - the -primary source of protein in this diet and avails you of about 7 grams of protein per ounce;

Pork - this also contains 7 grams of protein;

Eggs - pegged at 6 grams of protein per large egg;

Fish - same as eggs in protein content

Chicken -in this list of foods this has the highest amount of protein which is 10 grams per ounce.

When you adapt this type of diet plan, you should expect to eat more of the abovementioned food items as they form a huge part of the Protein Power diet. In the initial stages you will be advised to cut off your supply of carbohydrates from traditional sources and instead you are taught to rely on low carb vegetables consisting of spinach, broccoli as well as salads. The Protein Power diet has seen success in many people because you are taught to consume less carbohydrates which ultimately may raise the levels of insulin inside the body if unchecked. One drawback however exists, and that is if the dieter reverts back to his or her old ways, gaining back the weight he or she has successfully rid off may possibly come back at a much higher rate! Many people say that if you want to be successful when it comes to looking good and keeping your weight in check then adapting a low-carb diet such as the Protein Power Diet is inevitable.

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