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What is the Personality Type Diet?

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As with most diets, the Personality Type Diet is a program based on increased physical activity and more sensible dining choices. So, what sets the Personality Type Diet from other diet programs in the market?

In order to know what is the Personality Type Diet, it is best to know more about the author of the program is first. This diet program is actually included in a book by Dr. Robert F. Kushner, a teacher of medicine at Northwestern University, and the director of Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Wellness Institute. According to him, the diet he planned is based on the patients that he has seen throughout his career and his conclusion that no single diet can apply to every person who wants to lose weight.

What is the Personality Type Diet

At the start of the book, "Dr. Kushner's Personality Type Diet," the reader is asked up to 70 questions with regard to attitudes and behavior physical fitness, eating, as well as their coping mechanisms. A person should fall into one or more categories Dr. Kushner made based on their answers. For example, a person may be a "Mindless Muncher" in the area of eating, and the same person can be an "All-or-Nothing Doer" when it comes to exercise, and is a "Can't-Say-No Pleaser" when it comes to coping.

The book then continues by describing each category and goes on with the doctor dispensing specific advice that should be perfect for changing the behavior that the person identifies with. A lot of people will identify themselves with more than one type in every category, so he or she should be able to put together all the advice that Dr. Kushner gives in terms of what diet or lifestyle change should be done.

The concept that the Personality Type Diet promotes is "super foods." Super foods are plant-based foods that Dr. Kushner deems to be food that anyone, no matter what personality type he or she is should eat: veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, lentils, legumes and products from soy. The selection can just depend on what personality type you are, but all items are packed with vitamins and nutrients and only contain moderate amounts of fat at most.

For those who love meat, the Personality Type Diet is not actually a vegetarian diet. However, there is a lot of emphasis on dishes that are heavy on vegetables. Included in the menu for this program are fish and poultry too. Moreover, lean red meat is fine, although it is not really encouraged. There are no recipes for beef dishes, but there is one for a stir-fry with lean pork.

A lot of reviews with regard to the Personality Type Diet claim that it may sound like a quack program, as linking personality types and diet ay sound more like pop psychology rather than legitimate science. However, with the methods presented, a lot of people say that the program is practical, and people can actually use the book as a guide to restricting any problematic eating and exercise habits they have, which ay most probably be related to their personalities. The strength of the book, according to a number of reviews, is on how the advice suggested by Dr. Kushner is very doable and makes a lot of common sense.

However, this is also the biggest problem or the book affording to some people. The fact that the advice in the book is deeply rooted in common sense ay lead some people to dismiss Dr. Kushner as someone who gives advice that can be readily dispensed on the internet by so-called 'experts'.

In the end though, it cannot be denied that the diet advice contained in Dr. Kushner's Personality Type Diet has shown effectiveness in a lot of people, and has shown noticeable results.

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