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What is the New Atkins for a New You?

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You've probably heard of the Atkins diet before and a new you is quite self-explanatory, but what is the New Atkins for a New You really? Created by Westman et. Al., the New Atkins for a New You is a paperback that will take the Atkins diet to a whole new level. This revolutionary diet which is backed by nothing else but proven science is today's best known solution to shredding off your fats and making you feel great about it at the same time.

What is the New Atkins for a New You and what does it have in store for its readers? As previously mentioned, this Atkins is backed by science and significant researches and studies that support the nature of the diet. The Atkins nutritional program promotes a low-carbohydrates program that is effectively proven to burn fats in an easy and effective manner. Using this so called process ketosis, sugar intake is limited so that the body uses fat instead as its energy source, thus burning it in the procedure. The carbohydrates allowed in this diet are carefully chosen out, only net carbs or those which are easily digestible sugars, so that one has in control of the body's hunger level and insulin production - two essential to-look-out-for's in any health diet.

Another great thing on the new Atkins diet suggested by the three experts is its flexibility. One reason why most diets end up as failures is because they're not properly tailored to the preferences and lifestyle of a person. What is the New Atkins for a New You and its difference to most diets today is that it is applicable to just about any lifestyle. Whether you are a house wife working at home, or a busy office man who's forced to sit down in front of a computer for eight hours, or maybe even a vacationer who wants to try good food at new places, the Atkins diet could work for all these. Unlike other diets, the Atkins could work even with just minimal exercise (although exercising is recommended for maximum results) which makes it perfect for busy lifestyles.

So far, so great right? The New Atkins diet has a lot more to offer. Certain food can help increase your metabolism and make your body a fat-burning machine in its own. Like green tea which has both antioxidants and properties which can greatly improve your metabolism and daily bowel movement and oatmeal which can help fulfill our daily fiber needs - the New Atkins for a New You has a long list of the proper food to eat, when to eat them, how to eat them and what dosages. And don't expect a boring recipe that's so hard to stick with because of its terrible taste. Remember that you don't have to sacrifice good food with the Atkins. Low carbs can be great tasting as well.

Atkins is about health too, not just some shabby fat shredder that could lead to health complications. Know your fibers, proteins and vitamins better. Atkins will show you the real deal about carbs and what carbs to eat. This time, fat can be on your side too! With Atkins, you would know that fat is not always bad for the body. In fact, there can be this so called good fat which can help you burn the fat in your body! What is the New Atkins for a New You? It is a revolutionary book that would show you weight loss and health in a new and better perspective. No frills, no fake deals - only the best way to shred off the fat you don't want.

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