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What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean Food

The Mediterranean diet is currently one of the most popular food regimens being utilized by people today. This weight loss method is aptly named because it is the diet used by people in the Mediterranean, particularly those from Italy, Spain, Greece and Morocco. In fact, the diet has been declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Due to its many health benefits, the Mediterranean diet is being adapted by many people all over the world. For those who want to find out exactly what this entails, following are some of the basics of the regimen.

What surprises most people at first with this diet type is the high amount of fat people consume. However, people who practice the diet are not prone to cardiovascular problems even with the high levels of fat. This can be attributed to the frequent use of olive oil. Their recipes tend to substitute regular oil with olive oil which is actually monounsaturated fat. This means that instead of being bad for the heart, the product is actually healthy.

Other common items in their diet include whole grains in the form of pasta and bread. Fish and seafood are also very common not to mention vegetables which are very high in antioxidants. Fruits are also very common as well as intake of red wine, legumes and various nuts. Their diet also offers very little servings of red meat and low portions of milk. Yogurt and cheese are also very common items in the menu but are consumed at small amounts, albeit frequently. Combined together, these food items manage to provide a well-rounded amount of vitamins and minerals to a person.

Switching to Mediterranean Diet

Bearing in mind those items provided above, people who want to switch to a Mediterranean diet can easily do so. Starters can gradually shift by replacing their regular oil with olive oil and increasing their fresh fruits and vegetable intake. Ideally, people who are really serious about this food regimen should check out free food plans online. These plans would provide them with the perfect selection of food types that would answer their diet needs while still providing them with something they like.

Advantage and Disadvantage of the Diet

As mentioned, this particular diet is one of the most popular because of the observed effects on the people practicing it. People in Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco not only has longer life spans but is also less prone to cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Of course, those aren't the only reason why more and more people are going for the Mediterranean Diet. People who are in this food regimen are also noticeably thinner than those who aren't. This is hardly surprising considering that the program is more fresh food and less processed ones.

One of the drawbacks of this diet type however is the fact that it takes time to prepare. Since the Mediterranean diet utilizes fresh food for their meals, people who are constantly on the "go" would find it hard to fit in their schedule. This is why when utilizing this diet plan, people are advised to plot their menu days before. This way, they would be able to adjust their schedule to fit in with their dietary needs.

How to Get Started

With the right approach, the Mediterranean Diet can be easily adapted by people who aren't living in Spain, Greece, Italy or Morocco. All it takes is the willingness to go through the challenges and coming out healthy is possible. Of course, don't forget regular exercises to complement the diet. This way, people would not only lose all those excess weight but find themselves stronger, happier and healthier.

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