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What is the Medifast Diet?


According to experts, for a dieting regimen to work, it must be backed up with a solid nutritional background to enable the person to adapt the diet to his or her needs and lifestyle for increased sustainability. What if you can achieve such without having to count calories, identify healthy food alternatives, or learn how to prepare a healthy meal? Interested? Learn what is the Medifast Diet all about.

Background of the Medifast Diet. The regimen, which started more than twenty-seven years ago, is actually a meal-delivery service. The person on diet only needs to order from seventy readily available meals found in either the Medifast official Web site, in 15000 doctor offices, and Medifast clinics across the country.

The person on a diet has to consume on a daily basis five meal replacements and one lean and green meal-popularly called the 5 and 1 Medifast Diet plan. The meal replacement is composed mostly of soft diets (i.e. fruits drinks, oatmeal, shakes, stews, etc.) that are designed to let the person feel satisfied while consuming less calories. The lean and green meal consists of a small portion of lean meat and usually two cups of salad or vegetable. The person is also advised to take in at least sixty-four ounces of water.

With the setup the Medifast Diet provides, the person is able to consume about 800 to 1000 calories in a day. This results to a weight loss of two to five pounds per week or twenty pounds per month. Medifast meal replacement usually costs around eighty dollars per week to purchase. Usually, people who are obese benefit immensely from subscribing to the regimen.

Advantages of the Medifast Diet over other regimens. Below are information of what is the Medifast Diet famous for and what makes it stand out:

1) Allows you to incorporate the foods that you like. Unlike other dieting regimens that entail you to sacrifice and give up your favorite foods, the array of menu that Medifast provides allows you to choose those that you will enjoy eating. So even if you are on a diet, you won't feel like it.

2) Fits any person of any condition. Rather than the usual diet that cautions against use in specific ailments and conditions, the Medifast Diet fits everybody from all walks of life from the vegetarian to the diabetic.

3) Tested for efficacy. The Medifast Diet is backed up by the science of nutrition. Before the meals in the Medifast Diet were made available, they were first tested in the John Hopkins Weight Management Center whether they will suit users of the diet and will bring on the desired weight loss. In fact, the diet provided by Medifast was found to be more effective for diabetics than that put forth by the American Diabetes Association.

Tips when on the Medifast Diet. Aside from knowing what is the Medifast Diet, to maximize the effects of the diet, there is also need to familiarize the following best tips on its use:

1) Accompany the diet with the desired level of physical activity. To speed up weight loss, it is recommended that the person engages in about thirty to forty-five minutes of moderate activity, three to five times weekly.

2) Be careful with the transition period. Once the person has achieved the weight loss desired, he or she can now revert to the normal eating habits within the period of sixteen days at which time the person can use one to three replacement meals instead of the five.

3) Always consult a physician. Because you are dealing with changes in your eating pattern, which is related to health, it is but right that you consult a medical expert from time to time especially if you are at risk for certain diseases.

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