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What Is The Hormone Diet?


The Hormone Diet is created by a naturopathic doctor named Natasha Turner. She believes that hormones control the weight of a person and explains in her book why it is necessary for both women and men to maintain a healthy hormonal balance and how to do it in their lifetime. Her book's 3 steps outline the manner in which hormonal balance can be realized and maintained to have a healthy lifestyle.

It may seem impossible but she was able to come up with a 3-step program, in a six week time how it is feasible to maintain all the hormones, which count to more than 16, in a healthy and balanced relationship. According to her, the failure of just one hormone means that endeavours related to weight reduction becomes for naught no matter how compliant a dieter is.

She also emphasizes that a healthy lifestyle has to be kept to completely revitalize complete hormonal balance through adequate sleep, eating the right food at the right time, engaging in a regular exercise, and to be able to manage stress. She said that blood tests can be conducted not only to determine the hormonal profile but more importantly to find out the capacity of a person to burn fats and to age graciously and to identify the signs of 16 different hormonal imbalances that lead to weight increase or loss.

Step1 talks about renewal and revitalization by conforming to sleep regulations because sleep enables the maximum burning of fats and the enhancement of hormones. It asserts that within 2 weeks a person is assured of feeling and looking better for losing 4-12 pounds that emanates from an anti-inflammatory detoxification resulting to reduce weight and hormonal balance. It is also in this stage that stress is identified and at the same time managed as it can imbalance the hormones.

Step 2 is known as body replenishment and hormonal balance. This is where the nutritional program comes in which has to be used for a lifetime to get hormonal balance. It simply means eating the right food at the right time which is said to be 3-4 hours interval. Taking supplements such as multivitamins, calcium-magnesium, whey and vitamin D are also included in this stage whose objective is to support hormonal balance and metabolism.

Under this phase, organically grown foods are to be eaten. These are devoid of preservatives, additives, artificial colourings and chemicals. For detoxification, foods are limited to gluten-free grains, vegetables (except corn), fruits (except citrus, canned, and dried), nuts, seeds, fish, meat, feta or goat cheese, olive, avocado, flaxseed and canola oils, eggs, non-dairy milk, and soy products.

Step 3 is strength, vigor and radiance restoration which comprises of the so-called hormone diet exercise that paves the way to hormonal balance for strength development and warding off fats. It includes yoga, cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Toxin-free skin care products touted to be beneficial to hormonal balance are promoted here. Tips are also given on how to retain vigour and how to keep away weight loss plateau.

Dr. Turner received a lot of flak when she stressed the direct connection between losing weight and the pivotal role of hormones. They said that it cannot be established by research that hormones have a direct link to weight control because in the first place it cannot be done due to the nature of hormones which is in a "constant state of dynamic flux."

Most of the colleagues of Dr. Turner totally agree that in eating nutritional foods such as vegetables, fruits and lean meat, doing a regular exercise, having adequate sleep and rest, being able to manage stress, taking in supplements are the correct path to walk through in order to lose weight and remain healthy. They also believe that our food supply contains a lot of toxins and have lost their nutritional value.

Other experts describe the hormone diet as full of hype because the supplements are not regulated making it dangerous to one's health. Rallying the use of supplements to counter hormonal imbalance they said is without basis and cannot be substantiated by research. Another issue is on detoxification - it is said that is it unnecessary with a healthy liver.

No matter what they say about the hormone diet, there are a lot of its loyal followers who really believe in what in can do to their healthy lifestyle in recognition of this diet. At least, people are provided with options which diet program is in synch with their system. It is important to take note that medical authorities and scientific experts are to be sought with advice prior to taking the plunge of a certain diet in one's precious life.

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