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What is the Glycemic Index Diet Plan?

Glycemic Index On Apple

Those who want to find out what is the glycemic index diet plan have probably heard of how effective it is for weight loss. Developed during the 80's by a group led by Dr. David J. Jenkins, the glycemic index diet plan is one of the most practiced diet programs in the world. Thanks to the research of the group that developed it, the glycemic index (GI) remains effective throughout time.

Simply put, a GI is the measurement of carbohydrates in relation to blood sugar levels. All food types contain carbohydrates which are slowly absorbed in the body when eaten. During this process, carbohydrates release glucose or "sugar" into the body. The GI of a person - whether it's high or low - is determined by the rate of glucose release in the body. The goal of the GI diet is to ensure that a person eat food types that are classified as low GI. This way, they will be able to control weight gain as well as the tendency to be diabetic.

GI Diet Plan Inclusions

There are basically three ranges in the GI Index - High, Low and Medium. Some of the food types included in the High range is baked potatoes and white bread. Basically anything that is ranked 70 or above is High GI. Medium GI's fall within the 56 to 59 range which include whole wheat products and white rice. Last are the recommended Low GI food types like fruits and vegetables which are 55 or less in range. As mentioned, the plan aims for a person to eat low GI food types as much as possible.

Those who want to find out the full extent of their favorite food types should try checking out online to find its ranking. By taking this into account, a person would be able to successfully shift to a Glycemic Index Diet Plan, lose weight and live healthy.

What is a Glycemic Index Diet Plan and Its Advantage?

One of the top reasons why the GI diet plan is so popular is because even doctor are recommending it to their diabetic patients. Since the GI method basically focuses on glucose or blood sugar levels, people with diabetes can greatly benefit from the approach. Using GI, doctors can recommend specific food types to their patients and even allow them to create their own diet in accordance with the index.

Scanning the index, people notice that most Low range food types are those that are natural like fruits and vegetables. Hence, it isn't surprising that the system makes it possible for people to drop pounds as well as feel more energized.

For those who want Glycemic Index diet plan ideas, it is easy to look up menus online and create a whole system spanning weeks or months. By doing this, people would find it easier to fit into the program. The great thing about the GI diet plan is that it is not that difficult to prepare. A wide range of food types also makes it possible for people to incorporate their favorite food types into the diet.

All in all, a GI diet plan is a great approach into getting fit and healthy. It's ideal for people who have a history of diabetes in their family and would like to lower the chances of catching the same problem. Additionally, research reveals that a low GI plan lowers cholesterol level as well as reduces the possibility of suffering acne. Hence, people suffering from adult acne would find that adapting the GI approach could actually help them with their problem - not to mention boost their overall health.

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