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What is the Belly Fat Cure Diet?

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Obesity afflicts millions of people in the world today and many are simply too ashamed to get out of their homes because of their plump appearance. Many have tried various diets to lose unwanted pounds, but failed miserably because these were largely ineffective. It is not too late though because they can try Jorge Cruise's fast-rising fad. What is the Belly Fat Cure Diet? The diet is all about losing four or nine pounds a week when one uses the Carb Swap System. Jorge Cruise, who is a celebrity fitness trainer, explains that the Carb Swap System enables a person's body to cut down belly fat because sugar and carbohydrates intake are minimized.

Moreover, if there are adequate levels of insulin in a person's body, it would help make him or her trimmer. Regular exercise or counting calories may be good for some obese people, but Cruise insists that consuming the right meals will help slim them down. The problem with many fat people is that their livers turn excess sugar into fat, and usually accumulates in their bellies, so this is where the Jorge Cruise's diet comes in.

What is the Belly Fat Cure Diet? If a person wants to follow this diet religiously, it is recommended that he or she absorbs fifteen grams of sugar or six portions of carbohydrates daily. This may seem like counting calories, but one has to realize that the Carb Swap System recommends what foodstuff a person should consume for the day. Included in the list are foods that are rich in protein, fats, vegetables, a modest amount of grains, and some sugary morsels. Foods that should be avoided are the ones that are processed and sweeteners that are artificial in nature.

As mentioned earlier, exercise is beneficial for one's health and this diet method will hasten the slimming process all the more. Being active will greatly reduce stress and toughen up a person's body. Ideally, a twenty-minute walk plus an eight minute conditioning session will be more than enough to reduce belly fat, but one must not over do it. This is just one of the options that a dieter can undergo.

What is the Belly Fat Cure Diet? After a healthy dose of exercise, a dieter must now eat the foods that are advocated by the program and among this are turkey, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fruits like avocado, blackberries and blueberries, and nuts such as pecans and almonds. Other foodstuff that is recommended would include oatmeal, maple syrup that is lacking in sugar, and wheat bread. Additionally, brown rice, eggs, cheese, and seafood should be consumed in modest amounts.

A dieter should strictly follow a daily diet regimen for him or her to lose belly fat. The breakfast foods that one should eat in the program are three eggs and butter spread out in two slices of bread. It would also be nice if one drinks coffee as well. To avoid hunger pangs a dieter may munch on peanuts during that time. Lunchtime should consist of tuna salad and pita bread. A dieter can gulp down unsweetened lemon iced tea instead of soft drinks. Lastly, dinner time would be a time that a person can eat brown rice and grilled chicken, so he or she will have a feeling of fullness. Heated vegetables may also be added as well.

The diet program also encourages dieters to consume eight glasses of water daily to flush out toxins. At times other beverages like champagne and wine are allowed, but a dieter must never gulp down fruit juices and even milk. Lastly, blueberries and blackberries that were mentioned earlier along with avocado should be eaten because they contain little sugar.

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