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What is the Atkins Diet?


In a world where the Internet Era has ushered in an influx of information that unprecedented, the buzz word in diet revolution known as the Atkins Diet has spawn thousands of similar in concept diet plans that originally was conceptualized by Dr. Atkins in the 1970's. The typical weight watcher will usually apply a concept in the Atkins Diet without really knowing that he or she is already following some of the principles of this diet plan. The good thing about this diet plan is that anybody can learn something from this diet program and benefit from it. The published work of Dr. Atkins has continually garnered high volume of requests and for decades has been a consistent bestseller. Learn what this amazing diet program is all about and why every body in the fitness industry has taken up an advice or two from Dr. Atkins.

This diet program starts with what is termed as "induction" phase. During this time, the weight watcher will be advised to undergo a 20-gram-a-day carbohydrates limit. Usually, the meal plans are composed of a variety of meats, vegetables low in glycemic index and some cheeses or other food sources except carbohydrates that the body quickly absorbs. The dieter will typically consume his or her 20 grams of carbs from the dressing, sidings of the main dishes that he or she will eat. This is very important because it is the dieter's initiation to something that can potentially change his or her life. After this stage, which lasts up to two weeks, the weight watcher may add 5 grams of carbs a week until he or she reaches an ideal number of 50-90 grams of carbs per day. He or she is expected to stick to this maximum number for the long haul if one intends to benefit from the program overall.

When a person adapts this diet plan, he or she is taught to adapt to a lifetime of low carb, low fat diet in order to maintain his or her body form. When somebody gains weight during the course of the program, he or she is advised to get back to the initial stage in order to train the body to acclimatize to the condition when the body was losing weight previously. What is surprisingly good about this diet plan is that it does not restrict the person from enjoying standard food as long as they are not what you will label as processed food. People can still eat steaks and enjoy their salad dressing as long as the low fat and low carb principle is followed. The Atkins diet follows the concept that because our bodies use carbohydrates first before protein and fat, by limiting the consumption of carbs, the body's natural tendency is to lose weight as a result. The stored body fat reserves will then be utilized more efficiently and continually. The consequence of these changes in diet pattern converts the body into a literal fat burning furnace instead of a carb munching machine! When you have too much carbs inside the body, the immediate response of the pancreas is to create more insulin, and when insulin is flooding, low blood sugar is the end result. Carbs will then be converted by insulin into stored fat.

Atkins Diet is a favorite among diabetic patients because it emphasizes the need to regulate incessant consumption of highly processed carbs which only triggers the body to create more insulin. Once there is an over supply of insulin in the body, low blood sugar happens. The time when the body does not respond to insulin anymore is the same moment that diabetes occurs. Atkins diet proposes a diet high in protein because the body takes more time to consume and breakdown protein and fats thereby allowing the whole body to utilize more efficiently the stored energy reserves inside it.

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