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The Three-Day Diet Program

3 Day Diet

The Three-Day Diet program, as the phrase implies, is a weight-watcher scheme designed for busy people. It is a popular diet plan that emerged during the 80's, eventually became a smart alternative for early weight watchers. The diet program consisted of several menus to choose from, of which to be strictly followed for a 3-day period of time. It is formulated (author unknown somehow) to help people lose weight fast, the healthy and better way through water therapy and less carbohydrates intake. Some consistent followers of the program around the globe proved it to be true, unique and of worth. If it works well with others, why can't it work for you? There's nothing much to lose but three days of trying to your advantage is worth the try. This is why the Three-Day Diet program became popular through the course of time.

The meal allocation of the Three-Day Diet program is unique for it guarantees only three (3) days seeing results. People using it could eventually get back to his/her normal eating habit for five (5) days before adapting another set. It alternates with your eating regimen and it consistently works according to those who have tested the scheme. The amazing effect on metabolism, called metabolic reaction is proven to promote a much quicker weight loss in the span of three (3) days. Advocates of the diet program guarantee up to ten (10) pounds of weight loss in barely three days, yet in the real sense of the word, it is purely body fluid that is depleted from our body system, similarly like in the regular use of steam bath, sauna and spa.

The meal plan hereunder is to be strictly imposed for the three-day diet first timers in order to achieve the 10lbs. mark-up.

Three-Day Diet Sample Menu:

***First Day***


Whole-wheat bread toast, 1 slice Black coffee or black tea with natural sweetener, 1 cup Freshly-squeezed juice (grapefruit or orange), 1/2 cup

For Lunch

Whole-wheat bread toast, 1 thick slice Tuna flakes, 1/2 cup Black coffee or black tea with natural sweetener, 1 cup


Any lean meat or chicken, 3 ounces (skin and fatty portion removed) Steamed cubed carrots, 1 cup Steamed green beans, 1 cup Regular vanilla ice cream, 1 cup Apple, 1 medium size

***Second Day***


Bread toast, 1 piece Hardboiled egg, 1 piece Black coffee or tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal Banana, 1/2 piece

For Lunch

Soda crackers, 8 pieces Cottage cheese, 1/2 cup or tuna flakes, 1/2 cup


Steamed broccoli, 1 cup Steamed carrots, 1 cup Beef franks, 2 pieces Banana, 1/2 piece Regular vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup

***Third Day***


Soda crackers, 5 pieces Cheddar cheese, 1 ounce Apple, 1 medium size Black coffee or tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal

For Lunch

Black coffee or tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal Hard-boiled egg, 1 piece Whole-wheat bread toast, 1 thick piece


Steamed cauliflower, 1 cup Steamed cubed carrots, 1 cup Tuna flakes, 1 cup Regular vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup Melon cubes, 1 cup

You can always use condiments like catsup, mustard, vinegar, soy sauce, salt and pepper provided that they are in moderation. Always make it a habit to drink 4-5 glasses of water per day to complete the regimen of 8 glasses of fluid in a day. The Three-Day Diet program can help you shed those unwanted fats in no time. If there's a need to rush slimming due to approaching occasions and events to attend to, by all means jump into it right away. If you are healthy and well-determined to eat small portion of food per meal, you are most adept of the scheme. Perhaps, if you are just targeting few pounds to lose, the program is suitable for you. However, there is always two sides of the story. The Three-Day Diet program can be worst to a lot of weight-watchers especially to would-be weight-watchers. Lesser quantity of food intake makes it vulnerable for one to crave even more. Some who underwent this program failed to prolong adapting it because they claim few pounds losing away but more to gain afterwards. They concluded that it is all liquid that you are shedding off not fats. Worst to it, the claimed metabolic reaction in the said program has not been proven scientifically.

A very good diet program does not only plan your food intake but they also advocate on the advantages of doing exercises regularly. There is no quick fix to losing weight, the longer the better. How to maximize results is how well you cooperate with the scheme. Go to the gym, walk or jog along the roadside, cut off the fats, sugary and salty foods in your diet and stick to a program that will give you long term results. On top of it, consult your physician first if you are healthy enough to engage in one. Your genes, your family history and health background must be traced in accordance with the rules of every weight reduction program.

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