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What is the 17-day Diet?

17 Days

The 17-day diet was created by a physician from California named Dr. Mike Moreno. Dr. Moreno discovered that people can lose weight quickly by tricking their metabolism through carbohydrate and calorie cycling. This process helps people burn fat quickly and keeps people from being stuck in dieting plateaus. Dr. Moreno's findings were written in a book called "The 17-Day Diet". It has been featured in some television shows such as Dr. Phil and the Doctors TV, and since then, it has become the most popular weight loss plan in the world.

Dr. Moreno's initial aim in designing this program is to help people to prevent gaining weight or losing weight during holidays. But the diet can now be used at any time during the year to help a person lose that extra weight. The 17-day diet adjusts the intake of carbohydrates according to whatever phase of the diet a person is. At certain times in the program, a person will have a very low carbohydrate intake while at other times a person can take a higher level of carbohydrate. According to Dr. Moreno, this program has the effect of confusing one's metabolism and enhancing the rate of losing weight. This can also help reduce frustration and boredom, which are sometimes the effect of some long-term dieting programs.

The name 17-day diet does not actually suggest the number of days needed for the whole program. It actually lasts longer than 17 days. The diet involves four cycles with adjustments in the composition of food intake. Three of these cycles last for 17 days. The first three cycles will help a person to lose weight. Here are the four cycles in the 17-day diet:

1. The first cycle is called Accelerate. This is the most difficult phase of the diet but this is also the most rewarding. This phase will reduce the intake of carbohydrates to promote rapid fat burning, detoxify and rapid weight loss. This is done on the first 17 days.

2. The second cycle is called Activate. This will initiate carbohydrate cycling therefore resetting one's metabolism to stimulate fat burning and prevent dieting plateaus. In this phase, the dieter will cycle the calories which means the person will eat more calories same days than the other days will vary or switch up the type of food intake. In this process, metabolism is confused and will run at optimum speed. This will take place on the next 17 days.

3. The third cycle is called Achieve. Previously restricted foods will be reintroduced and learn how to develop healthy eating habits. Meaning a person will have more food options therefore learning how to make healthy decisions. One must take note of what to eat in order not to gain the weight back. This cycle will take place after the 34 days.

4. The last cycle is called Arrive. This cycle will help people keep the weight off with proper eating and proper exercise. In this phase the person will follow the first three cycles of the diet for the whole week. Then on weekends, there will be no restrictions on what to eat. This will give the person a motivation to stay on the plan for a long time. This cycle will take place on day 52 of the program.

People can loss about ten to fifteen pounds in the first cycle of the program. After that, one can expect to lose more weight each additional week until reaching the target weight. Since the 17-day diet will help people loss weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is more likely a lifestyle plan diet. It promotes eating clean and healthy foods. Once putting this kind of diet into practice, one can learn to develop healthy eating habits for the rest of his life. A person's eating habits will help one reach his desired weight and can be easily maintained.

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