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Womens Health Care

Women's Nurse

Women’s health care is a process of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any disease, illness, injury, and other mental and physical conditions among women. Health care issues of women is attended by practitioners from different disciplines such as medicine, nursing, Dentistry, pharmacy and other allied health care providers. They follow a certain health care delivery system which may differ from country to country with regard to health policies and programs.

Advancements in health science have developed major impact in improving women’s health care. Different focuses on dealing with different aspects of women’s health care provided a holistic approach on women’s overall health. Since women have unique health needs compared to men, an aggressive management on their health care needs should be implemented.

Emphasis on the right of all women to accessible, affordable and fair health care services through clinics and health groups, and women to women health care has reached its peak nowadays. Health concerns specific to women like safe pregnancy and childbirth, family planning, and screening diseases such as breast and cervical cancer common to women are the focus of most women’s health care organizations. That’s why such programs for women are starting to enhance the awareness of women on managing their health with the help of these useful things.

Impact of diseases on women’s health care poses a more serious intervention on this matter. Causes of mortality and disability among women vary in the different age group, economic level, and geographic location. Countries that are still developing experience quite a difficult course in managing the weight of this matter, as they strive to control the growth of chronic, non-communicable and communicable diseases incidence.

- Maternal health conditions are leading the statistics of the most common cause of mortality and disability amongst women in the reproductive age. Physical, psychological and socioeconomic complications related to pregnancy and childbirth is one issue not only women’s health care suffer from but by the whole community and the family.

- Infectious diseases that affect women health include HIV/AIDS, and sexually transmitted infection among women all over the globe, and malaria and tuberculosis among women in the developing countries.

- Chronic illnesses that are mainly affect women’s quality of life and lifespan ultimately, they include heart diseases, vascular diseases, cancer, and mental illnesses to name a few.

- Accidents and other injuries are becoming more of concern to women’s health issues as it creates serious impact on causes of death among women and girls.

- Nutrition, although not really included as one of the leading causes of illness or disability, its influence on women’s health care and the whole society is gaining more concern on their quality of life.

Women’s health care has a long way to work on and so as to improve and bring development women’s health. Awareness on your own health needs and concerns can far lead you to a well-lived and empowered women you are.

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