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Learning the Means of How to Prevent Strokes


Knowing the ways on how to prevent strokes can certainly have a positive impact on people's lives. For one, stroke is actually the top reason for adult disability. In the US alone, there's an estimate of 750,000 Americans who suffer from it each year. Of this estimate, about 160,000 die. What a huge number, right? In this article, let's discuss this issue further and whether something can be done about it.

First off, you have to understand that everyone is at risk for strokes. However, everyone has the power to decrease their risks too. If you wish to learn about them, read on.

See a doctor-if you don't know the reading of your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and blood sugar level, it is best to first see your doctor. If you are new to your place and your family doctor lives far, you should find a qualified physician whom you can visit anytime. He or she will perform the necessary tests as well as tell you about the basic things you must know to live healthily and prevent stroke.

Control your weight-If you are overweight (especially when you're 30 pounds heavier or more), you should immediately make changes in your eating habits. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you have to go on a strict diet. You just have to eat right. Only go for what's healthy and control your portions. Never overeat.

Increase your fiber consumption-increasing fiber consumption can be a very effective way on how to prevent strokes. If you are not very fond of fiber, it's time you start loving it now because it comes with tons of benefits. Some of the foods you should have more are fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole wheat bread, potatoes, lentils, and beans. Incorporating them in your meals and snacks can absolutely do wonders to your overall health.

Watch your blood pressure-the ideal blood pressure is 120/80 or lower. When yours go higher, especially when it reaches 140/90, the red flag must be raised. Having a high blood pressure can increase your risk of strokes up to six times. In fact, it's the number one risk factor for the condition. With that said, it's crucial that you learn how to keep watching for your blood pressure.

Watch your cholesterol level-the normal cholesterol level should never go over 200. When it reaches 240, the red flag must be raised again.

Watch your sugar level-although diabetes does not really cause stroke, diabetic patients who have a stroke suffer much worse than others. You see, in patients without diabetes, other arteries can still deliver oxygen in others parts of the body by bypassing the blockage. However, for those who are diabetic, majority of the bypass arteries are affected by atherosclerosis too. This condition further worsens the case by impairing the blood flow to the brain.

Stop smoking-as you know, smoking is a bad habit. It can not do you any good so for the sake of common sense, stop smoking! It does not only make your breath smell bad but also negatively affects your lungs, heart, liver, pulmonary arteries, and other vital parts of the body.

Take your medications-just in case that you are taking some medications for blood sugar levels, high blood, or high cholesterol, it is best that you take them as the doctor told you to. Though they may not directly help you with how to prevent strokes, they can certainly help you get away with more serious complications when stroke happens. Always ask your doctor questions when you don't understand something or when you think that something's wrong with your body.

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