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Is There a Way to Beat Alzheimer's Disease?


Is there a way to beat Alzheimer's disease? A lot of people are asking this question. All these years, we have been told that there's actually very little we can do about the condition. All we have to do is just hope for the best; that by the time we get old, a cure will have been discovered already. Fortunately, the truth is much better than that.

Recent researches show that some factors in a person's lifestyle can play an important role in protecting his or her brain. Actually, there are ways on how one can lessen the risk of having Alzheimer's disease. Some of these are the following:

Eating right

Exercising regularly

Staying mentally active

Staying socially active

Sleeping well

Reducing stress to its lowest level

By doing these things, you can prevent Alzheimer's from consuming you or someone you love. Yes, there may be instances when the disease would still develop, but, it can be entirely slowed down.

Eating right - As you know, your body needs nutrition so it can perform normally. Your brain is no different. It needs all the vitamins and minerals to function well. If you want to keep it healthy, it's best that you focus on having plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein.

Exercising regularly-The Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation said that exercising can reduce your risk of having the disease by 50 percent. It can also hamper the deterioration of the mind even of those who have already started experiencing some cognitive problems.

Staying mentally active-Learning is always a great thing and those who learn new things throughout their lives are less likely to have Alzheimer's disease. Simply put, you have to "use it or lose it." Always make it a habit to learn something new: play an instrument, study a new language, read a good book, start a new hobby. All these would be great exercise for your brain.

Staying socially active-You are probably a bit surprised that staying active socially is another technique to beat Alzheimer's. You see, humans are highly sociable. We can't live in isolation and our brain can neither do that. Hence, to answer the question: "Is there a way to beat Alzheimer's disease?" the answer is: "Yes! It's by maintaining a healthy social life even when you're old!" Don't fret, there's a way to stay socially active even when your hair is grey already. Join a social group, volunteer, make regular dates with old friends, get out and walk around the park, museum, or where else. All these may sound simple but they are fantastic ways to still be involved socially.

Sleeping well-The brain needs regular sleep so it can work in its optimum capacity. If you lack sleep, it can impair your ability to process, store, and recall information. It can also affect your ability to think and solve problems. In order to prevent Alzheimer's from conquering you, it's important that you also give your brain enough rest.

Reducing stress level-Chronic stress can take its toll on the brain eventually. When this happens, it can shrink the key memory area of the brain (known as the hippocampus) and hamper the growth of your nerve cell. When this growth is hampered, your risk of Alzheimer's increases.

These are the things you need to know about warding-off Alzheimer's. The next time you hear someone ask "Is there a way to beat Alzheimer's disease?" you can confidently answer that there is. All he or she has to do is make necessary lifestyle changes!

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