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Women nowadays are living a stressful life. Unlike many years before, women are only able to do house hold chores and men were the ones who were obligated to work for the family. Now, women can go to offices like men and some are working very hard that they tend to abuse their body's capacity to the limit which is unfortunately, a bad thing to do. Good thing, there are vitamins that allows all women to do their work unlimitedly without needing to work their body out. The question is, What Vitamins Women Should Take that after they are done with their work, they still have energy for other things? Apparently, there are numerous vitamins they can take which would really help them a lot.

Every woman needs supplements to maintain optimal performance of your daily tasks and for the maintenance of your health. Vitamins for women vary with every phase of life. You may need to take specific vitamins if you are planning a pregnancy to help your body come up with adequate nutrients to support your soon-to-be pregnant state, or you may need to take more than your usual dose of vitamins to keep you protected from certain deficiencies which may lead to some serious health problems.

In this day and age, 93% of women skip meals because of work; others eat sweets like ice cream for their dinners. If you are one of those, then you are missing the essential nutrients that are vital for your body. Even if others claim they get all the nutrients their bodies needed from their diet, complete nutrition wouldn't still be guaranteed. Taking a multi-vitamin will be in many ways similar to eating a variety of healthy foods. It is one way to take in the vitamins required for optimal health. Some women prefer to take in individual and distinct vitamins instead of taking a multi-vitamin daily.

Vitamin supplements provide our body some essential substances which we cannot sufficiently get from food or other natural sources to support our bodily processes. Each one of the vitamins carries out particular function in our body to help in its proper functioning which gives you energy to do your daily work.

Some women would probably have a hard time in choosing which vitamins or supplements they should take. Multi-vitamins that are available in the market, although they are all intended for women, are distinctive in many ways. Certain vitamins and supplements are important for all women especially those who are in their child-bearing age. There are also those who are for breastfeeding women or women who are going through or into menopause. There are also some women vitamin supplements that are not intended for everyday use. There are some, however, that should be taken only occasionally to treat various conditions namely, arthritis and flagging energy. It is essential that you put these things into consideration when choosing the right supplement for yourself.

Here is some knowledge and information about individual women vitamin supplements and how they may be of benefit. These may guide and help you in choosing the supplement that has an excellent quality.

Women in specific age groups and who has particular conditions requires different vitamins in different specific amounts. The quality and quantity of food that you take highly affects the level of vitamins in your body except for vitamin D, which our own body can produce but still needs the presence of other vitamins for it to be used up. These factors are very important to be considered in searching for the right vitamin supplements for you.

Not only you should know the factors that affect the sufficiency or deficiency level of your vitamins but most importantly, you need to KNOW your vitamins! Here are some facts about vitamins for women like you to help guide you in your goal to have an optimal health:

Vitamin A should be taken up to 5,000 IU (international units) per day to maintain strong and healthy bones, teeth formation and tissue. It also helps in boosting our immune system and keeps good eyesight. Beta Carotene or Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins that a woman should take. Vitamin A is said to relieve a woman from symptoms that are related to premenstrual syndrome. This vitamin also helps in relieving a woman from endometriosis which is accompanied by excessive bleeding, infertility, and other symptoms related to the disease. Vitamin A also plays a crucial role in reducing the both cancerous and non-cancerous lumps inside the breast and the uterus.

Vitamin D aids in the bones and teeth formation. One of the most important function of this vitamin is it prevents osteoporosis, a debilitating condition common among older women. Researchers found that this vitamin may help in reducing the risk of getting colon cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Vitamin D is also one of the important vitamins. Scientists have found out that this vitamin plays a crucial role in inhibiting the growth of breast cancer cells in the body especially among women. Also, vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium which is an importance factor to be considered for the development of strong bones. Vitamin D along with calcium will prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis which is very common among women after menopause.

Vitamin E is a known antioxidant which helps in keeping your skin, nails and hair healthy which also can help boost your immune system. Vitamin E, for healthy skin and hair; Folic Acid for helping to prevent support normal cell growth in our bodies;

Vitamin K has a very important role in the ability of our blood to clot. This vitamin is also known to be very beneficial to help prevent women develop heart diseases. 90 mcg of vitamin K is the dose needed by women per day.

Folic Acid is a very essential vitamin for women who are pregnant and for those in the childbearing years. This vitamin for women prevents conditions such as neural tube defects in the first month of pregnancy. It also helps in preventing anemia which is common on women.

Vitamin C helps in maintaining our immune system to fight against diseases. This vitamin is said to be an immune booster and at the same time helps in the protection of skin cells through fighting off free radicals. Free radicals are substances that promote ageing. Because of Vitamin C, free radicals are fought off that slows down the ageing process. In conclusion, Vitamin C is very important for every woman to take.

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 play important roles in women’s health by regulating the hormone levels and help in keeping the nerve functions intact. Vitamin B6 for producing brain chemicals and hormones. It also works for fortifying one's immune system.

Vitamins, however, could not replace a healthy diet. They can only compensate for what you are missing. Therefore, even if you are taking daily supplements or multi-vitamins, it will still be mandatory for you to have a healthy and hearty diet.

There are still numerous vitamins that women should. What Vitamins Women Should Take are those that will help her in a good way and successful. However, too much of them would lead to imbalance and may have an absolutely dreadful effect. As long as the intake of vitamins is controlled, they will help every woman work with vigour even through a hectic schedule.

Choosing the best vitamins for women comes in knowing these vitamins and considering other important factors carefully. So don’t take the risk to take the vitamins you just saw in the supermarket without asking yourself “what vitamins women should take”? Or are you right for me? But instead take pride in taking the vitamins you know is suitable for you.

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