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Top 7 Mens Health Issues and How to Prevent Them


Good To Know And Think About

Menís health issues are gaining more attention in the world today since these conditions are adding up quickly on rates of mortality and morbidity. Health problems pose menís health into its decline and cause more threats on their overall health. Despite these challenges on their health, men are still neglecting their symptoms and are less likely to seek advice from health professionals and taking preventive measures to decrease their risks.

Heart disease

This is the top health threat to men but by changing your old bad ways to a healthier and more beneficial lifestyle choice this can be prevented.

Simple habits and changes in your behavior that you can control and reduce your risk of heart disease.

- Avoid smoking.

- Eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fiber-rich foods with controlled amounts of lean meats and plenty of fish. Avoid salty and foods high in saturated fat.

- Manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

- Do daily exercises that you enjoy or have a sport that you excel in.

- Maintain a healthy ideal weight. You can ask your doctor about what is the ideal for you.

- As much as possible, avoid alcoholic drinks.

- Learn how to cope with stress. Try some easy to do relaxation exercises to manage it.


Different types of cancer are of specific concern to men like prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and skin cancer. Consider the same precautions as for preventing heart disease and include the following:

- Protect your skin with lots of good sunscreen when going outdoors.

- Consider early disease detection as the most important prevention from these conditions.


Automobile and other vehicular accidents are the leading cause of mortality among men. Make sure to be a defensive driver and drive safely. Do all the necessary precautions like wearing seatbelts and helmets for motorcycle riders. Most importantly, donít drink and drive.


Although most of the predisposing factors are uncontrolled such as hereditary factors, age, and race the other contributing factors may be controlled like:

- Managing your present chronic conditions including high blood pressure, cholesterol level and blood sugar levels.

- Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol ingestion.

- Live a healthy lifestyle.

Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

Bronchitis and emphysema are most common chronic lung conditions that affect men. Stay away from people who smoke and take precautions from developing respiratory infections. Second smoke is a big enemy here.


The most common type of diabetes and has a late onset, can be prevented by avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Maintain a quality diet and eat frequently with smaller meals to avoid this.


Depression is the most common cause of suicide among men. Avoid depression by having a balanced life, through socializing with friends and acquaintance from time to time and keeping a close relationship with family and sharing thoughts to them. Once you have children you need to realize that suicide will end more than just your life. If you have an thoughts on the matter, seek help immediately. Tell some one you trust.

Menís health issues are not difficult to understand as long as you are open to change and are willing to improve your health.

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