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Top 10 Best Mens Health Diet Plans

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More and more men are getting very conscious on what they are eating and feeding their bodies. There are a lot of menís health diet plans that are becoming trends each and every day. If you donít want to be fooled by ambitious diet plans that are in trend, why not have some look at these top 10 list of reliable menís health diet plan and suit yourself with the information.

Please note that these are in no particular order. I'm not the debating type when it comes to diets. I like to try a variety. I find any diet that bases it's system on lots of protein works well for me. My husband, on the other hand, has lots of luck maintain sugar levels with the glycemic diets.

The Top 10 Mens Diet Plans

1. The Paleolithic Diet. Also known as the Paleo diet, is a new and effective way to lose weight. This diet is comprised of eating lean protein with fruits and vegetables. Dairy products, grains, salt, alcohol, coffee or sugar are not to be consumed when you are on this diet plan.

2. The Dukan Diet. One of the most popular diet plans in France, and is becoming more and more popular in the whole world. Very much alike with the Atkins Diet, carbs are limited during the first phase and is more restrictive than Atkins.

3. The Atkins Diet. Although has been labeled as unhealthy, but it is perfectly healthy when followed correctly. In this diet plan, you should focus on getting rid of carbohydrates like white flour and sugar.

4. The Zone Diet. Also a low-carb diet plan, this diet focuses more on the eating a balance meal. Carbs are allowed in the Zone diet plan but should always be taken together with protein.

5. The Protein Power Diet Plan. This is another low-carb diet plan. The early stages of this diet plan are not as restrictive as the other diet plans. Carbs should still be spread throughout the day.

6. The South Beach Diet Plan. This diet plan is also a low Carbohydrate diet. In its early stage it is much alike as Atkins but on the later phase, it is a bit less restrictive.

7. The Mediterranean Diet. This diet plan is more of a lifestyle than as a diet. Focusing more on eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins than on counting your calories or carbohydrates. Processed foods and bad sugars are to be avoided and so as fatty meats when you are on this diet.

8. The Weight Watchers Diet. This diet has been around ever since diet plans became a fad and is still one of the most successful among all other diet plans. Eating a balanced diet and control over meal portions are the focus of this diet plan.

9. The Glycemic Index Diet Plan. Focuses on intake of food that will not cause blood sugar levels increase.

10. The Sugar Busters Diet Plan. Like other diets listed here, this is another low-carb diet plan. The focus of this diet plan is to eliminate sugar.

These diet plans should be first discussed with your doctor. Choose the menís health diet plan that best fit your diet preference so you can stick to it and have a great impact on your health.

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