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A Quick Easy and Free Men's Diet Plan!



Specific diet plans are directed toward helping particular health conditions with special dietary health needs. There are a lot of free diet plans for men that you can look up and research like detox and cleansing diets, weight loss diet plans, and special diet plans to reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even to mange your blood sugar levels.

The healthy diet for men

This free men's diet plan is an approved healthy eating plan that is calorie-controlled. This is comprised of three healthy meals and of course, healthy snacks! These are all supposed to be consumed at intervals throughout the day with an approximately 1800 energy calorie.

This free diet plan will help you lose as much as 2 pounds of unwanted fats per week if you are at least 185 lbs or more and a healthy 1 pound per week if you are less than 185 lbs.


Breakfast = 440 calories

1/2 cup granola cereal + chopped ripe banana + fat free milk = 400 calories

1 large slice of melon or 1 serving of any berries you prefer = 40 calories

1 cup of tea/coffee if you wish.

Morning Snack = 230 calories

2 oz bagel + 2 tablespoons cream cheese

Lunch = 420 calories

1 wrap or 1 pita bread + 1 tbsp. low fat mayo + 1 slice of lean meat + tomatoes +cucumber +onions + l lettuce + beets = 300 calories

1 glass of 8 fl oz. of fresh orange juice = 120 calories

Afternoon Snack = 175 calories

1 slice of any whole wheat bread = 70 calories

A tablespoon of peanut butter = 105 calories

Dinner = 425 calories

4 oz. of turkey fillet, or 3 oz. of lean steak can be broiled or boiled

1 cup cooked rice OR pasta

1 cup of spinach

1/2 cup of carrots

A cup of tea/coffee

Evening Snack: you can choose ANY of the following = about 130 calories

*you should take this late snack 2 hours after eating dinner

1/2 cup of fat-free yogurt + 6 pcs. of chopped walnuts = 136 calories

1 scoop of any ice cream that is low- fat + any berries = 125 calories

This free men's diet should only be followed by men who do not have any serious health conditions.

Many men suffer from health issues which is a very unfortunate condition. Some men have problems with malnutrition in which they tend to lack the necessary nutrients that they need every day. On the other hand, some men suffer from obesity which is a medical condition in which too much fat are contained inside their body. There are also men who were fit from the start and still fit from the beginning. Those men having medical conditions such as malnutrition and obesity are the ones that catch the attention of the public the most. Almost all of them thought that there would be no end to their problem and will not achieve their dream of having a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, there are solutions that will help them be able to have the healthy life they want. They can engage into diet which can help certainly help them. A healthy diet would include physical exercises, daily activities, workouts, routine and most importantly, men's diet menu. Each of these will help men in their own ways.

In a diet, it is very important to control the amount of foods a man must take in every day. Men's Diet Menu will help them to not be confused of what to consume in their daily life as the process is still going. For instance, if an athlete needs to be fit for his competition, he must put in to his menu a high carbohydrate diet to help him thoroughly. By following the menu he just made, he would not be able to eat a wrong food. Any man can make his own diet menu depending on what kind of diet he is in. He can device a low carb diet manu, high carb diet menu, high or low protein diet menu depending of which type of diet his body needs the most.

Devising men's diet menu is an absolutely difficult process. However, once it is done and can be used, it will be very important to help a man succeed through the diet process with the best result. A man must recognize the absolute importance of making his own diet menu before he engages in a diet in order for him to have a guide throughout the process. As long as the diet menu is made perfectly well and is used correctly, it will certainly serve and help every man successfully to achieve his fit physique.

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