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High Protein Diets for Men: Keep Muscle and Lose The Fat

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Most of the time people become confused about what is the best food source for building muscles. Although many have a general knowledge about protein being the food for muscles, high-protein diet for men are still misunderstood. Protein in every man's diet plays a very important role in building and repairing the muscles, do not take it for granted, and learn about it here...

How much do you know about protein?

Still protein itself is misunderstood most of the time. For instance, there are specific kinds of protein to take in the diet that will be more beneficial than others. Lean meats are complete protein sources because they contain all nine essential amino acids that will definitely benefit your body. However, the kind of protein you are taking is not the only factor to consider but a lot more.

Quantity, quality, and ratio of protein to calories in your diet are some of other factors you need to know about a high-protein diet for men. Choosing the food with the higher kind of protein would be one of your challenges in committing to this diet plan. Therefore, you would rather choose fish, eggs, and chicken over the fatty red beef to be a wiser dieter. The bottom line is to pick a lot of lean meats and very little to no fat at all in planning your high-protein diet.

In addition to lean meats, skim milk, cottage cheese, and other animal derived protein that is low in fat an has very low calorie count should not be overlooked as good sources of complete proteins. Various nuts, although an incomplete kind of protein, can be a healthy source of protein fat which also helps in maintaining your overall body health.

The general principles that I follow as far as guidelines for how much protein I need is entirely based on my current diet status. I break it up into:

Growth / Loss phases

I'm trying to either gain muscle, lose fat, or both.

At least 1.5-2 grams of protein a day spread out every 3 hours. This equates to a protein shake, meat or dairy helping every 3 hours as soon as I wake up. I find casein protein work best while I'm sleeping, so I hit that right before bed.

Maintenance phases

I'm just trying to maintain weight, not much else.

About 0.75 grams of protein per day. This comes out to a moderate size protein source with every meal.

In Between Phases

This is when I want to either start a weight training or dieting program to change the way my body looks. This is where I pull protein out of my body for just 10 days. When I reintroduce protein the body immediately start to absorb it. This is like a cleansing phase.

I have about 0.25 grams of protein per day. This comes out to using your non-traditional protein source nuts and protein fortified foods. I cut out all meat and dairy.

Is protein enough?

While protein is one of the factors that contribute in building growing muscles, another critical component that should not be taken for granted is exercise. Given that protein provides the structure and contracting ability of the muscles, exercise is responsible for strengthening and giving tone to the muscles along with other vitamins and minerals.

High protein diets can help you maintain muscle during periods of calorie reduction and also help you build new muscle tissue in response to your workouts. Diet is about 70% of the equation. You will still need to hit the gym to see gains.

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