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Male Depression: How to Beat It



Once a man reaches the age wherein he no longer has his old strength, looks and alpha power, male depression starts to set in. A common disorder among men in their male menopausal period (usually from age 40 to 60), the male depression could bring many detrimental problems to the person experiencing it. Irritability, hostility, restlessness, insomnia, a nagging feeling of shame and helplessness, addiction to sex, watching TV and alcohol, and constant frustration are just a few of the consequences male depression brings about. In worse cases, suicide is possible as well. To battle these significant effects of male depression to manhood, experts suggest ways on male depression: how to beat it.

The first step to curing male depression is accepting the existence of the actual problem. Since older men think that they are the source of power in the family, they are likely to deny or hide both to themselves and their family the occurrence of this so called male depression. In other instances, some would be confused of explaining their emotions and putting a name to it because male depression varies greatly from what most people think of depression. Likewise, since the family is not knowledgeable about the background of the disorder, the problem is not immediately given attention and resolved until it becomes much worse.

After the first leap to acceptance is made, finding the root of the problem is necessary. Sometimes, it is not simply the hormones and mindset of a person which is to blame for male depression. The problem may also be caused by the family, friends, and the people surrounding him. They may be giving him either too little or too much attention compared to what he needs, which may unintentionally make him feel belittled or neglected. In this case, the family must adjust to the emotional demands of their father and/or grandfather. Making him feel rightfully loved, cared for and valued can help a lot in making him overcome the male depression. Simple things such as listening to his stories, seeking his advice, and talking to him daily could be the simplest and cheapest cure to male depression.

If the problem goes way beyond the family's relationship with the patient, then correcting the mindset of the person suffering from male depression may be necessary. Male depression: how to beat it may be solved by a lifestyle change. Engaging into regular exercise, following a healthy diet, having sufficient hours of sleep, looking for new hobbies, bonding with the family more, and going to church to revitalize their spiritual health can create a lot of improvements in the overall health of these patients. The patient should also exert effort to accept his present physical state. Although they are no longer as fast, as strong and as sharp as they were once were, they should know that the love and acceptance that their families are giving them has not decreased along the years.

In other instances wherein the problem has been ignored for too long, medications and therapies carried out by psychological professionals is highly recommended. Antidepressants and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are often medications suggested by doctors to relieve of the different symptoms of male depression. However on male depression: how to beat it with drugs, close examination of the case should be done regularly. Drugs such as Prozac, Paxil and Elavil have a lot of side effects which may clash when taken together or produce harmful results after long term of use. Medication for male depression may be quite costly and burdening in the long run, so the best armor to battle male depression still lies on the lifestyle makeover.

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