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Vitamins That All Men Should Take Daily



Men and women have different needs especially when it comes to their health and nutritional supplements like vitamins are not an exception. There are a lot of specific vitamins that are very beneficial to men's health issues including hair loss or baldness, prostate health, bones and muscle strength, and even weight loss. These are some of the good vitamins for men which are beneficial for their gender-specific health issues.


Hair loss or baldness is known to affect more men than women. Twenty-five percent of men go bald or have a receding hair line before the age of thirty. By age sixty two thirds of men reach that level. Baldness leaves you feeling insecure. Although there are some crazy shampoos and hair clubs out there, Vitamins can be your savior for prevention.

Biotin, Inositol, and Zinc are some of the vitamins that can help solve this problem. Biotin is a member of B vitamin group which helps in preventing excessive hair loss and aids in hair growth through metabolizing fatty acids which are essential for growth factor of hair. Inositol another compound found in B vitamin complex helps in hair recovery and growth. Zinc also helps in preventing or reversing baldness and even hindering hair to turn grey.

Zinc not only helps in the growth of hair but also in increasing sexual drives since it is known to be an aphrodisiac. So you might have more passion for your mate.

Prostate health

One in every six men will have to battle prostate cancer in their lifetime. With this mind, it's no wonder that prostate preventative medicine is flying off the shelves. There are a number of ways you can lower your chances of prostate cancer.

For proper semen production and flow of fluids in your body, Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Zinc are needed for reinforcing prostate health. Selenium and vitamin E are important to be included in your nutritional diet since it may aid in preventing the development of prostate cancer. Vitamin C is known to have a good effect in preventing infections from an enlarged prostate. While zinc is beneficial for inflamed enlarged prostates by making the swelling subside.

Just as an added bonus… There is a small link between the frequency of ejaculation and the health of your prostate. A few general studies suggest a link between the two. So the next time she says she has a heart attack, just remind her that it's just for better health.

Bones and Muscles

Vitamin D and calcium go hand in hand for maintaining normal bone growth and development among young men while keeping the bone healthy throughout adulthood.

B-complex vitamins are responsible for protein synthesis which helps in muscle growth that is very beneficial if you are bodybuilding. Enough levels of Vitamin C and E in your body helps in making your muscles toned and stronger therefore improving your muscle performance.

Weight loss

Vitamin B-complex helps in increasing the rate of metabolism your body hence helping you to lose weight faster. It helps through assisting in metabolizing fat together with inositol and choline. Pop a few five hour energy drinks to help you with this one. Just try not to take Vitamin B-complex at night, you'll never get a wink of sleep.


For better protection against recurring infections and getting rid of free radicals, vitamin A, C, and E are good vitamins for men. Antioxidants have been shown to stop many destructive forces within your body.

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