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The Coors Light Diet For Men: Drink More Beer For A Better Rear!



A few days ago my kids got a hold of some old pictures of me and they asked me "Who is that Dad?" Why you ask? The guy in the pictures was push 300 pounds. Today, I'm a lean 205 pounds. How did I drop 95 pounds? Simple, I drank more beer. Let me share my story...

For over sized individuals, it is not easy to control their usual eating habits in an instant. Changes should be gradually introduced in order for the body to adopt with the size of servings per meal and the taste of foods that they will about to consume for months or even for a lifetime. Frankly speaking, dieting is never a man's thing. It is usually the women who are always searching for any diet plans that help them develop a slim and sexy body, but for men, dieting is a way to be fit and healthy. The healthy diet for men is easy to follow as there are no complicated calculations of calories and fats involved. Truly, they need to munch more calories in order to sustain their energy that is required for their daily tasks. This is because men are hyperactive and usually do things that require more energy like lifting heavy materials or doing vigorous tasks.

However, men usually develop fat belly because of their high calorie diet. As a result, they are prone to chronic diseases like coronary heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes and stroke. Men with excessive fat deposits develop resistance to insulin that eventually results in shooting sugar level, but this can be avoided through having a healthy diet for men.

I realized all of this the second we had my son and I thought to myself that I don't want my son to have a huge gut for a role model. So I used my science background to create a diet I loved. Then it hit me… Light beer has about 64 to 112 calories on average. When I drink, I'm never hunger. So here what I did.

1. Replace all sweets with a bottle of Coors Light.

I would normally eat a desert of about 600 calories a night and a smaller 350 calorie desert for lunch. I replaced those 950 calories with 208 calories of Coors Light. So I ditched just under 750 calories right off of the bat. Math tells me that right away I would lose a pound every 5 days just by doing that. Over 4 months I lost 30 pounds; just by replacing my deserts with Coors Light. After about 4 months my body got use to the switch and I lost only 2 pounds on month 5.

After I lost my first 30 pounds, I thought a little more and added these.

2. More frequent, smaller meals are better!

For sure you have already tried lots of different meal plans that are available everywhere just to make you disappointed of the result on you. Perhaps, most of those men's diet meal plans tell you to cut down on the number of meals you take each day. That is not right. Stay away from these diets because it will only make you suffer physically (less energy for the day), mentally (your mind will be stale), and most of all, your health will suffer because of not enough nutrition to make your bodily processes to work. In addition, it is scientifically proven that eating less than required can make the rate of your metabolism to slow down which then results to slower and harder way to lose weight.

3. Protein all the way!

Men's diet meal plans usually leave out the importance of protein in your diet especially for men who want to build their muscles. Since protein is responsible for building new cells in the body thus including muscle fibers. Forty percent of your diet should be protein to get most result out from your workouts. But be sure to choose lean meats not the fat-filled proteins. Instead, go for fish, chicken or turkey, milk or eggs.

4. The secret of hydration...

The most important part of men's diet meal plan is hydration. It is vital to replenish all the fluids that have been lost upon working out or just through the normal excretion of bodily fluids. Water is still best in filling in your body tank instead of carbonated and caffeinated drinks especially when following a men's diet meal plan for losing weight.

A healthy diet for men may lead to a longer life. This is because any medical conditions that result in early death are prevented. According to studies, men usually eat less fruits and vegetables because most of them are not interested of getting slim. However, they need to be encouraged to take food rich in vitamins and minerals rather than munching those foods that contain fats and carbohydrates more than the amount that is required by the body. The secret for a healthy diet for men is not a no-calorie or fat diet, but it is having a balance diet. How can a diet be considered as balance? The answer is easy. As long as an individual is taking up foods according to the food groups and taking those foods rich in saturated fats and refined sugar in moderation. Total eradication of fats and carbohydrates in a diet is unrealistic, so foods rich on those components should be taken in a minimum amount.

Furthermore, removing any vices from the men's system is very important to have a healthy life. Smoking and alcohol is never good to one's health, so they should be avoided or banned for life. With healthy lifestyle, together with healthy diet for men, a men's life is prolonged.

Achieving your goal in losing weight through sticking on men's diet meal plans will nothing but successful if you just keep in mind these tips about it. Engaging and committing yourself to a meal plan will never be a nightmare but a dream come true!

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