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What Are The Best Magazines For Men?

As much as women do, men are human and incur health problems too. Although most of the time they would prefer to keep their health issues all for themselves. But there will still come a time when these issues are too difficult to handle single-handedly. At this point, men also search and need advice from third party sources regarding different aspects of their life. This advice may come from friends, family and partners but often times only a few of them hit the exact answers to satisfactorily address every deep issue troubling men. This can be clearly due to a lack of expertise in that aspect or they donít have enough time to deal with his issues leaving him unsatisfied and confused. Here is where menís health magazines come into play.

Basically a menís health magazine subscription is a lifestyle magazine. The mens magazine was purposefully published to help answer menís important queries and even answer queries that are difficult to personally ask from friends, family and partners. The magazine has many articles about sex and relationships, love, fitness, health, food, style, travel, technology, finance and career. It is not created to entertain but also to inform men. Every article in this magazine is credible and realistic since it is based on research studies and real life experiences. This magazine confirms that informationís are meant to be given to whoever wants it. These magazines are useful tools in disseminating useful information that will benefit every single man.

Although, men and women are generally not similar in a lot of ways but they are alike in a few things. For example, men like women are naturally curious human beings. Men want to know or learn about new and different approaches to everything. They also yearn for excitement in life. Since men think that the most important thing is not to stop questioning and to discover new possibilities. It is their goal to try every possibility that life has to offer. Menís health magazines give them that possibility and it also gives them a wide range of options to choose from. The choice usually depending on what suits their lifestyle.

Despite the positive outlook and purpose that menís health magazines want to portray they still acquired several criticisms. Critics emphasized that these kinds of magazine articles do not do men any good but instead give them more reasons to hate their body due to the perfect body they image in their magazines. According to them, this makes men realize imperfections in their bodies and in their sexual performance which may increase insecurities leading to the following: crash diets, eating disorders and overly excessive exercise. Despite the criticisms, the awards and recognition; and support that menís health magazines subscriptions receive is still overwhelming high.

Here Are My Husband Favorite Mens Magazines

Men's Health

A true classic. You will get information about all walks of life. He especially likes the pull section that is a new workout each and every month.


Gentlemen's Quarterly. Knowing the mean of that acronym last week would have won you $123,000 on Jeopardy. Mostly he likes the style section and interviews they have. If you wear suits, it will give you some cool ideas.


For Him Magazine another acronym for you. He enjoys the 100 sexiest women section. Even though I think it's just a rip off from People Magazine.


He likes the girls in this one too, but mostly he likes the night scene information they provide. We live close to New York City, so they often feature some new places for us to try.

ESPN the Magazine

As he says, it is "Sports Illustrated done right!" It takes to the under 40 under generation. The give you sports in a digestible amount.


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