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Mens Diet and Eating

Man Eating

Men and women differ in a lot of things, and diet is one of them. Despite the fact that both men and women should stay away from unhealthy food substances like trans fat-rich-fried foods, food items that are loaded with bad sugars such as in sodas and desserts, there are specific effective foods that are beneficial and essential to include in low calorie menís diet.


Menís Health Diet Plan Tip No.1: Increase Intake of Food for theĒ MĒ.(Mood, Memory and Muscles)


Experiencing a bad day because of the grueling day at work and demands at home? Save your good mood everyday through eating fiber-rich carbohydrates (carbs) such as OATS and EDAMAME (green soybeans in a pod) which will definitely help your good mood running smoothly by their effects on blood-sugar levels, making it stable and constant.

Blueberries may seem common but the power of their deep blue hue shouldnít be taken for granted. The color of this fruit is caused by ďflavonoidsĒ which is a natural substance that serves as a protection for the neurons in the brain responsible for your memory.

Lentils, an excellent source of steady energy is rich in fiber and high protein that can be digested by your body slowly essential in storing up extra energy. Also loaded with most B vitamins that are important in energy production and also rich in iron which aids in carrying oxygen in the blood which will definitely help improve menís health.

Menís Health Foods Menu Tip No.2: Fatty fish for my heart please!!!

The most excellent source of Omega-3 fats and protein is fish. Salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel are some of the examples of most common fatty fish that you can easily find in your local supermarkets. Studies have shown that consumption of these fats decrease your risk of developing heart problems by almost three times! Fish oils are also an excellent source of this precious fat.

Healthy Diet for Men Tip No.3: Go nuts with the seeds for prostate health!

Selenium, found in nuts especially Brazil nuts, is an essential mineral that has an effect in decreasing your risk from developing prostate cancer. You can take an ounce everyday of the Brazil nuts and is enough to provide you protection from prostate cancer.

Men, make sure your diet includes a wide variety of edible seeds like sunflower, flax, and chia seeds are full of nutrients which are essential in protecting you against prostate cancer.

There are a lot of factors that affects bodily processes, emotions, and physical aspects of menís health and the best thing that you can control is you diet. Menís diet has been taken for granted ever since, but now is the time to break free and take hold of the chance for a great change.

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