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Holistic Healing- The Secrets to a Longer Life


Holistic healing means to take into account all of someones social, physical, and their mental conditions as a whole, and not just treating it as one particular illness, whereas a regular physician will only treat the illness.

Holistic healing is not a very popular technique of healing in the United States, but in other countries all around the world it is the natural and most wide spread form of healing. Holistic healing is the belief to heal the chakras, which control many parts of the body, physical, mental, and emotional. This is referred to as the inner healing and transformation.

One of the main themes of holistic healing is changing to an all natural diet, such as foods that do not contain artificial ingredients. This includes vegetables, whole grains, fish, and fowl, along with other meats that do not have artificial additives. These types of foods aid in reducing stress by avoiding any toxic substances.

When cooking in a holistic manner changing from canola cooking oil, to extra virgin olive oil will be better for you. Olive oil and especially extra virgin olive oil has been proven by herbalists to prolong peoples life. The ingredients in these two types of oil have been used for thousands of years. These two natural cooking oils have become so popular now that the chiefs on the cooking channels use it regularly. It brings out a unique and natural taste.

Instead of drinking regular coffee and tea, change to coffee substitutes such as decaffeinated coffees, and instead of regular tea, change to Green Tea, White Tea, and other natural, caffeine free teas.

Just changing your diet isn't all that one can do to heal your body, mind and soul. One also needs to use breathing exercises as well as body oriented inner healing techniques. Practicing some for of Yoga or Chie will also help with the mental exercise that one needs to help improve their illnesses.

Meditation is a mental practice which is used to direct healing aspects to a particular illness of the body. These techniques have been used by Tibetan, Buddhist, Yoga, and Native American Indians. Meditation usually has noticeable positive effects in just a few weeks. Learning to meditate may require that one starts to take classes from people or professionals that have practiced them and will teach you the right ways that you should begin. If you live in a city, I am sure someone teaching these things will have a phone number where classes may be scheduled. In the suburbs you may know of someone that practices meditation techniques and will teach you some of the basics.

Many people do not believe in Holistic Healing mostly because of some inner inhibitions they may have developed during childhood. If people would just try it they would find positive results very soon. However, do not give up seeing a physician, but combine the physicians treatments with the Holistic Healing to ease the pain and possibly the farther development of a persons particular illness.

More and more people in the Western countries are finding out that these techniques are not just some New Age, occult bearing practice, but that it does help in healing the body. These techniques have been used for thousands of years by Tibetans, Buddhists, Yogis, and Native American Indians.

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