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Herbal Remedies For Your Health and Wellness

Herbal Girl

Did You know that over 1/3 of the adult population use Herbal Remedies For their Health and Wellness? This really shouldn’t be a surprise considering a significant portion of those number are from outside of the United States.

The U.S is boxed into their own health care system where generations of people have accepted the traditional health remedies handed down by doctors and practitioners from minor, to critical treatments of various ailments, diseases, as well as prevention and wellness.

There has been a recent spike in the use of herbal remedies For health and wellness simply because people are becoming more educated about the powerful benefits that natural herbal remedies can have on a persons body. Also herbal remedies can be very inexpensive, and easily and quickly obtained which plays a huge factor as well. There is one other important reason why the use of herbal remedies have really taken off in the last few years.

People are recognizing certain health risks in mainstream medicine and the media such as newspapers, television, news channels, and online portals fuel the Health risks to the public. Herbal remedies have been around for centuries long before man started making their medicine concoctions in laboratories.

There are derivatives of natural ingrediants in modern medicine such as willow bark found in aspirin, opium from the opium plants, digitalis commonly known as FoxGlove used in a heart contraction strengthening medicine, for examples.

The problem is that the pharmaceutical companies have found ways to make synthetic versions of natural substances and inject them into medicines that have become common to ordinary people to cure, treat, and prevent ailments, and diseases.

These laboratory created synthetic substances often have short term side affects that have been known to kill or seriously debilitate people from using these drugs. The long term side affects are virtually unknown. Ironically the media itself is whats also feeding the public with occasional leaked information such as law suits over deaths of infants, children, teens and adults from newly added mainstream medicines.

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