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What is the 300 Workout?

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Most of you have probably watched the movie 300 and is immensely satisfied with the great deal of slash and trash violence that men are very fond of. But men were not the only ones that enjoyed the movie, women did as well and do you want to know why? Women loved the every-angle-has-a-ripped-body-and-abs feature of the movie. And the stars and extras deserved that much attention, especially after 12 weeks of grueling training through the 300 workout, which makes you wonder if the movie was named after the actual historical battle, or the star's or co-stars battle with barbells and kettle balls.

This is one of my favorites to talk about. I took the 300 challenge when the movie came out on DVD. This workout is no joke! I run about 50 miles a week and Bench 2 times my body weight; I'm no Olympic champion or Navy Seal; but I'm in decent shape. This workout kicked my butt!

The 300 workout is created and is the brain child of Mark Twight, the Health and Fitness trainer of the 300 warriors. He is one of best self-taught exercise gurus around and is also a former world-class mountain climber though conventional organizations don't list him as a certified trainer. He trained the 300 actors and stuntmen in of the best yet worst places to have a workout, the Gym Jones. For him it is the best place to rip his actors and stuntmen in the perfect warrior shape as they need strong will and mindsets to keep going and training amidst no air-conditioning, uncomfortable places and no mirrors.

The reason-he wanted to train them not only physically but also mentally. To project a good emotion and close to real scenes during the movie, he trained the actors together and let them battle it out with their own egos to finish the workout. The atmosphere and the workout itself is hard enough for someone to accomplish-alone, thus needs inspiration and encouragement from another going through the same battle. After the training and during the movie, the actors and stuntmen felt and seemed like they are fighting alongside each other for years, which they actually had at the Gym though only for a few months.

The 300 workout actually got its name from the number of repetitions you have to finish in four months or 12 weeks. It is a greatly intense Health and Fitness workout that pushes your body to the limit to upsize your muscles and burns fat in a quick yet effective way. You are also not allowed to rest in between every repetition making it a lot harder than it actually seems on paper. You can also tone your body perfectly through this Health and Fitness workout. Here are the actual exercises for the workout.

Start with 25 repetitions pull-ups. Pull ups are exercises that demand you to lift your own body weight. It is very different from chin-ups as the former is performed with palms faces outward and the latter is performed with palms facing inward, which makes it easier to perform. Next is 50 repetitions of deadlifts using 135 lbs. of weight. Then you will do 50 repetitions push-ups for upper body strength and chiseling followed by 50 repetitions of box jumps using a 24-inch box. Then 50 repetitions floor wipers, which is a core and shoulders exercise, using 135 lbs. And the last two exercises are 50 repetitions clean and press - that is a weight lifting exercise, using 36 lbs. and 25 repetitions more pull ups to complete the 300 workout.

Here Is The Original 300 Routine:

1. 25 Pull-ups (underarm)

2. 50 Barbell Deadlifts (135 pounds; one plate a side)

3. 50 Push-ups

4. 50 Box Jumps (2 feet box)

5. 50 Floor Wipers

6. 50 Single-arm Clean and Press (36 Pound Weights or Kettle balls)

7. 25 Pull-ups (underarm again)

I would say when you can bench your bodyweight 10 times and are not winded by a mile run; you can try this. Otherwise, make modifications. Let's say you couldn't do 25 pull-ups to save your life; I was there at one point. Switch the pull-ups with lat pull downs instead. You can work up to this routine. Know you limits though.

It is clearly impossible for half-hearted and greatly unfit persons to finish the workout as four months is a very short amount of time. It is designed only for people who have full conviction and have at least trained their bodies to moderately fit as those four months is the only time that you can have to finish the workout. As a word of caution, if you feel that you are not moderately fit, or if you are feeling half-hearted, never try the 300 workout as it could lead to injuries.

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