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What is the German Volume Training?

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Strength training, FST-7 training, the 300 training, and a multitude of other training programs and workout routines often promise that you can achieve ripped muscles in a matter of weeks. The truth is you can do that in any training that you prefer, given that you do it with increasing intensity. Through increasing the intensity of your Health and Fitness workouts, your body will feel the need to grow and develop better endurance and strength to sustain the amount of pressure it undergoes. But there is one exceptional workout that can do without increasing intensity and still gives a perfectly ripped body-the German Volume Training, and you don't have to speak German to do it.

German Volume Training should only be done by people who have been training and working out for quite some time. The routine is a devastating, really hard, mind-breaking, body-trashing workout experience. I felt like I was giving birth through this training series. It's difficult, but do-able.

If you are not seeing or experiencing any changes in your body even though you are doing your best to keep your body under pressure, then this is the perfect workout to get you back on track. Improve your body's physique, strength and endurance through the German Volume Training.

1. One Exercise Per Body Part Only

You should only perform one exercise per body part and no more. In the German Volume training, you don't want to do more than one exercise for every body part as this could lead to overtraining due to the intensity. Research and perform compound-workouts that effectively push your muscles to grow bigger as you will be performing a limited number of exercises per week.

Compound movements are those exercises that include multiple large muscle groups. Like:

Military Press
Bent Over Rows

2. 100 Reps

Who designed this workout Hitler? You may be surprised at this number, but this is the actual the amount of repetitions that you have to perform for the whole duration of the training. For each exercises, you need to perform 10 sets of 10 reps which is more than enough to put your muscles under strain and stretch for further growth. For starters, you should perform the number of reps that taxes 50-60% of your endurance for your first 10 sets. Then add more reps that you can manage for the next 10 sets every week. You don't have to train to failure; you just have to train close to failure as GVT gives growth to your body without training it failure. After you have reached the maximum of 100 reps constituting 10 sets of 10 reps, you can finally add 5 pounds to your weights for improvement.

3. Short Resting Times

You have to keep your rest no more than 60-90 seconds. During the exercise you will feel the urge to lengthen the rest period more than 90 seconds because of the intensity. Likewise, resist the urge to lower your rest period less than 60 seconds. This will tempt you to decrease the load, and you are already slightly above half of the amount of weight that your body can handle, so lighter weights will not induce growth and strength. For most of the exercises that you do, a 60 second rest is optimal for muscle growth. For wider-ranged, taxing, and exercise employing mote muscle groups, you can have 90 seconds of rest.

Health and Fitness is not without sacrifices and you have to have a string will to enhance your body strength and size. I find that German Volume Training really helps me when I feel overtrained. They remind me of Mike Metzer workouts. Not a lot of movement around the gym, but tons of movement at the one exercise. If you are feeling like a victim of overtraining, try GVT.

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