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What is 5x5 Training?

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People who are body building enthusiasts or are simply interested with hardcore workouts are very familiar with the so called 5x5 training. The main goal of 5x5 training is to increase the body's weight and strength in terms of muscle mass. It is also used to avoid body building plateaus and muscle memorization. The 5x5 is suggested for athletes who mainly need strength in their various fields.

Basically the 5x5 means five sets with five repetitions. The total workout period can be divided per week, and 3 days a week would be allotted for actual workout. The rest of the days are rest days, when you're muscles are allowed to regrow and fix itself from the stress of the previous day. Usually the days used in a 5x5 training is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The weekends do not count since it is a free workout day where one usually does recreational outdoor activities with the family and rest.

Before the workout, you are asked to get your 5RM or 5 repetition maxes. This will then determine the nature of your exercises and how fast you are allowed to increase the intensity of the 5x5. There are just three to four exercises on the days of workout. It is a variation of squats, bench presses, pull-ups, military lifts and dynamic rows. These are all simple and easy to follow exercises but their efficiency in growing body muscle mass is impressive. These simple workouts when carried out properly can give you a year worth of other exercises in just a matter of 3 months - clean and easy!

There are times in the 5x5 training wherein you would be doing a lot of weights. Find your maximum potential and start from the lightest weight which will serve as a workout appetizer. Use the pyramiding process and start lifting the lightest with exercises in 5 repetitions. After the lightest weight, increase your bells and do the same number of repetitions and so on. You get a 5x5 weightlifting in this process which will drastically improve your arm muscles, shoulder blades, pecs and core.

Pyramiding is important if you want to achieve maximum results. If you start with the heaviest, not only can you get injured, but you're workouts would be disappointingly futile. In the cases of squatting, don't push yourself to squats you can't achieve depending on your weight and body size. If you must, customize your squats or at least practice them before hand to avoid injuries.

The hard part of the 5x5 training is the strictness of the nature of the workout. You are to follow the workout religiously if you want to achieve the desired results and if you want to avoid injuries whatsoever. These workouts were made to push you to the limit and adding or subtracting the workouts, repetitions and sets may put your body building training off key. Cheating in the workout won't get you anywhere - you have to remember that. That's why the 5x5 training is usually just recommended for old timers in the body building business and those who have hard will to achieve their goals.

It would help a great deal if you eat a lot in the time of the 5x5 workout. Don't worry about getting fat! As long as you eat healthily, the food will you eat will not be stored as fat but will be transformed to muscles. This way you can gain body mass easier in the healthy and attractive way. Even if you're using the 5x5 training for a weight loss plan, you still need to eat moderately. Believe the experts; you'll need the energy down to the last drop!

I personally use 5 x 5 training when I feel like I have over trained my body. I can tell when I am super sore after 2 days off of exercise. In that case, I will switch to 3 weeks of 5 x 5. On these recovery weeks, I will usually train with weights only twice a week, run only one day, and do 3 sessions of yoga. After that I am ready to go again.

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