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What is the Zone Diet?

Zone Diet

You finally decided one day that enough is enough. Looking flab and lackadaisical is something that you have gotten used to for a very long time and you want to make an impression that all is in the past now. However, the biggest question is what can somebody who hasn't taken dieting seriously be able to do in order to change not only his body but his health altogether? The answer to that may lie in a diet program aptly called the Zone diet. Proponents of the Zone Diet swear that it is different from other popular diet regimens because it provides you with several advantages and to name a few:

1. It was developed by a well known dietary expert;

2. Patented Food products are consumed;

3. Fat burning has never been as fast as this;

4. No massive overhaul of a person's diet only the ingredients that make composes it;

5. Varieties of meals are countless.

The Zone diet uses a magic ratio of 40:30:30 wherein carbohydrates, protein and fats are consumed accordingly. It was developed by Dr. Sears as a different approach to the low fat craze of yesteryears. Dr. Sears believes that the body must have a proper hormonal balance for it to function maximally. He proposes an approach that zeroes in on moderation and balance as a whole. At one time, the Zone Diet was placed in the limelight when a case of a thousand pound patient found retribution when he lost a lot of weight following the Zone diet. The patient concluded that of all the weight loss programs that he has tried before, only the Zone diet gave him hope and the reality that weight loss is possible. The team of experts which worked with Dr. Sears in this case continue to help the patient arrive at a better and improved body through long term use of the Zone diet. It has been said for a long time now that most Americans follow high carbohydrate consumption and the Zone diet is the moderation of this propensity.

In principle, the "Zone" in this diet program is the ideal hormonal levels that the body ought to exhibit. When the body's hormonal levels are neither too high nor too low, it functions better. Dr. Sears states that the body is unable to store and use fat at the same time and because of this, people get frustrated when they jump into one diet program only to find out later on that it hasn't helped them one bit. The Zone diet is also recommending the inclusion of essential fatty acids in the diet of an average person. The popularity of taking fatty acid supplementation such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids is normally attributed to the works of Dr. Sears. The good doctor recommends that a meal that does not go over 500 calories a pop is best while a snack in the level of 100 calories is advised. Because it focuses on a higher level of protein consumption compared to carbs, the body is always supplied with adequate energy and getting hungry takes more time before it knocks. The body takes energy from food sources that are not only filled with proteins and fats but does so in moderation and complete balance.

Once you adapt a lifestyle based on the Zone Diet, you will be treating yourself to a host of fresh fruits and vegetables more often accompanied by proper hydration too! The Zone diet advises its followers to stay away as much as possible from processed foods as well as the extensive use of salt in food.

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