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What is the Weight Watchers Diet?


What is the weight watchers diet? The Weight Watchers is actually one of the most popular weight loss systems today. There are thousands of people who have benefitted from the program, some of them even celebrities. Suffice it to say, Weight Watchers is actually one of the most successful diet programs out today. The system itself is based on a simple approach that allows people to easily quantify their diet.

Point System

Weight Watchers has been around for approximately forty years. During this time, they managed to provide people with ways to live a healthier lifestyle not only through eating right but exercising right. Weight Watchers actually gained popularity because of their weekly meetings which is still being done today. This type of emotional support partnered with their popular Point System makes it easier for people to attain the weight that they want. As early as 2010, Weight Watchers actually shifted from their old system to Points Plus. As the name suggests, they still use points to determine a person's diet although applied in a different method. This was done to take into account the development in science and technology that could affect a person's weight loss.

The New Points Plus System

As most people know, losing fat is all about doing the math. The idea is to burn off more calories than ea person eats in a day. This method would produce a calorie deficit which would ultimately make a person lose weight. This is the basic premise in which the Points Plus system revolves in.

Of course, calories are not the only thing that matters when it comes to weight loss. Other factors include carbohydrates, fat and other substances. The new Weight Watchers program also took into account the fact that there are different types of calories. Calories coming from food rich in protein in fiber are attributed lesser points because of their ability to make someone feel fuller.

On the other hand, calories that come from unhealthy food types like burgers or canned goods are assigned more points. The idea is to ensure that a person is only eating less of these food types. Fruits and vegetables however have an "unlimited" stamp. The goal is to ensure that members eat these filling foods which are packed with essential vitamins and minerals with very few calories.

Of course, they also added new features to the program that would encourage people into living a healthier lifestyle. They have this "Power Foods" list that allows members to increase their points allowance as well as other techniques.

Advantages of the Weight Watchers Diet

The fact that Weight Watchers have survived roughly 40 years is testament to how effective it is. The new Points Plus system promises the same, if not better results. One of the advantages of the Weight Watchers diet is the fact that they are widespread. People can easily use their website to check out the points attributed to more than 40,000 food types. For those who need their point guides on hand could also use the pocket guide which contains about 500 to 700 food types. Hence, people can stay within their diet even when eating at a restaurant or going on vacation.

However, the most attractive feature of Weight Watchers diet is the fact that it doesn't forbid any type of food at all. The goal is to stay within the point requirement - regardless of where the point comes from. Hence, people can eat cake and ice cream as long as they do not exceed the amount of points provided during the day. Much like budgeting money, the Points Plus technique practices the willpower of a person.

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