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The UltraMetabolism Diet Program

The UltraMetabolism Diet Program

Neutrogenomics is a revolutionary concept of how food blends to our genes to promote wellness and prevents diseases. UltraMetabolism Diet Program, however, controls this communication between your fat cells and your genes. How vital is this theory of metabolism process in our system that affects our goal to be fitter and healthier? As everyone wish to enjoy eating, we also take into serious consideration a variety of organic and natural foods are all the more nutritious when absorbed by our body. There are lots of phytonutrients derived from eating green and leafy vegetable, and those rich in color like carrots and squash are rich in beta-carotene. Surprisingly this food group acts like medicines to detoxify our body. There are also foods like whole wheat grains, bran and rice that contain molecules turning enzymes into the liver that controls the risk of cancer. In addition, detoxifying the liver plus purging of toxins aid in relieving stress and more interestingly, contribute to weight reduction. In other words, choosing the right food with the right proportions at the right timing will rev up ones metabolism contributing to weight loss. We are the product of what we eat. We have the power to be in control. With the help of the experts, motivation turns to strong determination in pursuit of a goal to look and feel better.

The philosophy of the UltraMetabolism Diet program is to select certain food stuffs that will cut out the desire for us to overeat. It is a high-fiber diet plan that target on Baseline Metabolic Rate or MBR. It strongly claims that metabolic reaction in the body causes tremendous long term weight reduction. Its 7 keys to lose weight focus on the following attributes: -

- revving up metabolism

- controlling appetite

- managing cellular inflammation

- reducing stress

- detoxifying the liver

- optimizing thyroid function

- preventing cellular rust

Free your cupboard, pantry, fridge and tables of these tiny evils: - alcohol, caffeine, dairy, refined grains, sugar, even artificial sweetener, hydrogenated fats and high-fructose corn syrup. Replenish your stocks of lean meat (rid off the poultry skin and cut off the fats), fish, whole grains, organic and natural foods, unprocessed foods, soy products, brainy foods like nuts, herbs and spices, and an array of green leafy veggies and more colorful fruits and vegetables. Calories must not be counted, eat as much without limitation, as long as the forbidden fruits are eliminated there's no guilt eating in big proportions. Man-made trans-fat are discouraged for they contribute to weight gain even more, whereas fish oil proven to be rich in Omega3 aids in a healthy cardio-vascular system. There are certain foods that bring nutrients to the hormones, thus manufacturing healthy genes in the body that lowers inflammation and aids in weight reduction.

How UltraMetabolism Diet Works

The whole process involves detoxification or body cleansing that consists of 2 phases. The first phase extending up to 3 weeks is to determine allergens. It is recommended to include whole foods; get rid of dairy, eggs and wheat. The second phase being the final stage can last for good. Foods you commonly take are reintroduced to measure your tolerance gauge in each of them. Any food that causes weight gain, allergies or any negative reaction is eliminated. As a treat, coffee lovers can drink 1/2 cup a day, alcohol intake is likewise allowed (3 glasses per week). If you can switch to green tea then it would be better. It is prescribed to eat every three hours to keep your energy at hand. Hunger can never be tolerated. Remember that our body system must be supplied of food every three hours to level up energy that will keep the system working non-stop. Thus the process of metabolism takes place. Sweating is a much concrete definition. It is strictly implemented to avoid food intake three hours before bedtime.

Another essential aspect of UltraMetabolism Diet is regular supplements intake. But some diet masters contradict to this belief that taking supplements is still not proven to accelerate weight loss. So, it is your choice to take or not to take. My suggestion won't harm - stick to one - multivitamin. Some experts also criticized that the program does not advocate in complementing exercise with the diet program. Although it suggests minimal activities for strength factor, inability to increase muscle mass build up won't maximize metabolism process. The ultimate way to tune up and accelerate the power of your baseline metabolic engine is through cardio-vascular exercises. On a different angle, milk and dairy products are not included in the program but herb and spices. Although herbal remedies work a miracle, it is not advisable to get rid of milk and dairy as the program suggests. Calcium is needed by the body for long-term benefits. You only want to shed off those unwanted fats anyway; teeth and bones are not included. There are low-fat to non-fat dairy products flooding the market to choose from.

Understanding fully the concept of UltraMetabolism Diet leads to awareness of the connection of what you eat and how you feel. It has been accepted worldwide since its emergence that this diet program stimulates the sleep glands to a relaxing mind and body. Not only it boosts our energy level, it aids in clearing up nasal passages and serves as a detoxifying agent leading to good digestion. Truly a stress-buster, metabolic booster and a weight eliminator, UltraMetabolism Diet scheme enables one to shed 11-21 lbs in just 8 weeks of uninterrupted implementation. It's but a change of lifestyle into something that benefits your well-being physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

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