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The Thin for Life Diet

Thin for Life Diet

Individuals differ from one lifestyle to another. Our day-to-day activities normally deal with mental, emotional and most especially physical wellbeing. It is a common notion to admit that we are what we eat. Therefore, we have the power to be what we are, with greater determination to be how we are, and be in total control of our body. Admittedly, social support plays a vital role to get us motivated. We seek the advice of fitness experts and medical practitioners to inculcate the best adaptable health program with our lifestyle. A famous nutritionist/dietician, Anne Fletcher came up with several books that will guide us towards a fitter body towards a long and healthier life. The Thin for Life Diet book she formulated (recently revised) offers an incredible solution to weight problems that in the end will make us feel good and look better and prevent the risks of heart disease.

The Elements of Thin for Life Diet:

A six-week weight-control plan

Healthy slimming recipes

10 keys to weight loss success

22 ways to cut off calories in meals

Experts advises from the diet masters


The Thin for Life Diet suggests enthusiasts to gradually diminish, if not eradicate excessive intake of less healthy foods like sugar, salts and fats instead of substitute nutritious food sources from the pyramid food groups. Each week, a portion of the pyramid is incorporated in the diet plan. Eating sensibly while enjoying the right portion of protein and carbohydrates blended with a generous serving of fruits and vegetable is what makes the program unique. The use of light-calorie foods (low-fat) on the first week is recommended to make the body adjust to the next step. As you progress, the lesser you will crave for fatty foods from less to low fat to total elimination of fatty foods. Avail of good-tasting food like grilled fish with lemon and non-fat butter sauce, steamed herbed chicken breast (minus the skin), mixed vegetable and fruits always on the side. Use vinegar or mustard and olive oil in your salads instead of mayonnaise and catsup. Replace yokes with egg whites. Yoghurt is a good alternative for milk and crèmes for your daily dairy needs. It is your choice of flavor because in this kind of diet program, you will be making your own recipe in your diet plans which are also low in risk. Take into account that our body still needs fat, as suggested in the food pyramid, but not the sinful fats like that from meats.

Sample Menu for 1 Week

(Exclusively for women, somewhat larger portion for men)

For Breakfast

3/4 cup bran flakes mixed in 1 cup skim milk with slices of bananas (optional)

1/2 cup freshly-squeezed orange juice

For Lunch

a slice of whole-wheat bread

3 ounces of smoked turkey breast,

with tomato slices, red and yellow sliced bell peppers

with Dijon-style mustard (to taste)


1/2 cup strawberry slices

in 1/2 cup fat-free yogurt

add sugar-free sweetener if needed


1/2 cup steamed carrots

1/2 cup steamed spinach

Baked cod

with tomato slices and cheese

2 cups of shredded lettuce

with 2 tablespoon reduced-fat ranch dressing

Anne Fletcher carefully researched and included up to the minute health information together with healthy recipes, individualized diet menu guide, calorie chart, testimonies (of those who have successfully undergone the program) and honest tips and insightful advises (of more than 200 health buffs and diet enthusiasts) with whom she had long been gathering all these years in completion of the revised Thin for Life Book. The author aims to convince readers to smartly adapt the program with a lot of ease and sound motivation. Joining a support group for motivation and going to a fitness club regularly go hand in hand with the program. Exercising is a big component in this program but you must choose types that will let you enjoy and stay for good. The lifestyle section included in the book appears to be a realistic approach to encourage one to engage in the program for a longer period of time. Taking diet pills and supplements lose its appeal and no longer essential in one's weight loss program.

There is no quick fix in losing weight; quickies will only get the weight back in, even doubled-up. Water and fruit juices continue to remain vital in the scheme. You will feel its positive effects fairly quickly. The long term effect is, of course, longevity and good health. In many instances, while your energy continues to boost up, you will feel its stress-busting attributes leading to prevention of heart diseases and other fatal ailments. The Thin for Life Diet by Anne M. Fletcher, MS, RD, is a better alternative health companion that sets a firm foundation for a sound lifestyle that drives dieters to eating sensibly and enjoyably, guilt-free and worry-free.

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