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What is the Sugar Busters Diet Plan?

Sugar Foods

The Sugar Busters diet is actually gaining popularity within the weight loss community due to its unique approach. As the name suggests, Sugar Busters focuses mainly on the sugar content of food types. This is why they are less strict than other diet plans and therefore more favorable for most people.

How the Plan Works

Basically, the goal of the plan is to ensure that people get about 40% of their calories from food types that are high in fiber and low in glycemic index range. Other sources of calories should come from protein - about 30%, and up to 40% coming from unsaturated fat. The rationale behind the approach is that people are consuming too much processed sugar in their daily meal. By ensuring that the sources of their food contain low sugar levels, the amount of weight a person stores would be minimized. This is because too much sugar in the body causes the insulin to spike and is associated with weight gain. Hence, less insulin means higher chances of dropping off the pounds.

Rules of the Diet

As mentioned above, Sugar Busters is less strict than its dietary counterparts. Since the focus is mostly on sugar, the goal of a person is to consume as little sweets as possible. This could be anything from cakes, breads, jams and pies. Unlike other plans which encourage the intake of fruits and vegetables, the Sugar Busters are restricting some of them. These include pineapple and banana which are both high in sugar despite being natural.

Of course, most of the fruits and vegetables are still acceptable. Other food types that are allowed in clued brown rice, legumes and whole wheat bread. Seafood, eggs and caffeine from coffee are also acceptable. However, portion control is usually recommended especially for the coffee. People who are in the Sugar Busters diet plan are not allowed to eat after 8 PM.

Since the goal here is to ensure that insulin levels remain constant, meals are divided into equal parts and distributed three times a day. Skipping meals is not allowed as this lowers sugar levels which could also be a bad thing in the long run.


The most obvious advantage of this diet plan is the fact that it doesn't require a person to memorize nutritional values of their food. Sugar is the main object being avoided and it is fairly easy to spot. Hence, people would find it easy to avoid sugar in whatever they eat, even if it's in a restaurant.

Since restrictions are pretty loose, followers of the Sugar Buster have more options when it comes to their diet. Hence, they have the chance to still enjoy their favorite food types without having to worry about straying from the diet.

Is It Effective?

Some people are actually skeptical about how effective the diet is at it focuses mainly on sugar content instead of the other values concerned with weight loss. However, what most people don't notice is that although the emphasis is on sugar content, most of the recommended food types left are healthy. By leaving off sugar, the diet plan puts the spotlight on "low sugar" items like fruits and vegetables which are also low in calorie and packed with vitamins and minerals. Hence, people who follow the Sugar Busters diet plan would find the program every bit as effective as other methods. All in all, it lets people live a healthier lifestyle and stop the usual sugar cravings one has.

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