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What is the Sonoma Diet?

Sonoma Diet

When it comes to traveling and doing new things, people always apply the old adage, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Nowadays however, this saying can also be applied to dieting since more and more weight loss programs are applying the Mediterranean diet style, one of which is the Sonoma Diet.

The Sonoma Diet, which is a dietary system introduced by Connie Gutterson, is a variant of the Mediterranean Diet. In a nutshell, this diet plan encourages people to lessen their portions and consume power foods, which include whole grains, almonds, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, grapes, spinach, blueberries, strawberries and olive oils. Olive oil and almonds are part of the ten power foods because they are heart-healthy fats. Moreover, almonds can help dieters fight off hunger in between meals. A lot of vegetables are also in the list because they are a good source of antioxidants. It is important to note that antioxidants are important for effective weight loss.

According to Gutterson, the diet was inspired by the citizens of California's Sonoma Valley region. The said region is about 30 miles north of San Francisco and is known for its world-class wineries. This is probably the reason why all of the ten power foods go well with wine. This is a good thing because Gutterson encourages moderate intake of wine during the entire duration of the Sonoma Diet.

Just like the Dukan Diet and the Atkins Diet, the Sonoma diet also has a number of distinct phases, three to be more precise. The three phases of the Sonoma Diet are referred to as waves.

The first wave is considered by many as the most restrictive part of the Sonoma diet. This wave lasts for ten days. During this wave, the dieter is forced to kick his or her sugar habit. Moreover, the dieter is also encouraged to eat very small portions. Wave number two is considered to be the main phase of the diet. The dieter is permitted to consume a wider range of foods in this phase. The second wave ends once the dieter has reached his or her target weight. The third and last wave is known as the maintenance phase. According to the dieters, the best part of this wave is they are occasionally allowed to consume desserts.

Throughout all three waves, the dieters must limit the portions they consume. In order to guide the dieters, Gutterson suggests the dieters to follow the "plate-and-bowl concept". Basically, this concept suggests dieters to use 7-inch plates and 2-cup bowls for every meal. This concept does not involve a lot of mind-boggling calculations. That is why it will be very easy to follow.

The Sonoma Diet is very useful for overweight or obese individuals who want to lose weight in a short span of time. By doing so, these individuals can lessen the risk of acquiring type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. On the other hand, just like most other restrictive diets, the Sonoma health plan is not really that well-balanced and therefore, its followers can develop vitamin deficiency.

In a nut shell, the Sonoma diet's main purpose is to make a person healthier. It isn't only a diet, but a lifestyle. That is why a lot of patience, hard work, determination, and discipline are involved for people who want to follow this diet.

Despite having a number of drawbacks, the Sonoma Diet has not been discouraged by any physician, yet. However, if a person decides to follow this diet, he or she must do so with the assistance of a licensed physician.

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