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What is the Perricone Diet?


In order to answer the question, "What is the Perricone Diet," one should first know where the diet program got its name. The Perricone in the name of the program is actually alluding to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist and skin expert from the US, In his book, 'The Perricone Presription,' he concluded that there are some foods that cause inflammation in some organs and water retention in others. Consumption of these foods can allegedly lead to health issues like obesity and premature aging, among others. His book became the cornerstone of his 28 day diet program, which he said has the objective of reducing the amount of saturated fats, sugars and other carbohydrates with high glycemic content, which in turn will produce health benefits, including weight loss.

Dr. Perricone provides a trial run for three days for those who are curious about the Perricone Diet. With a three-day meal plan, the dieter can gauge if he or she feels right with the plan. However, a lot of people have already reported getting positive results even with just the three days of the trial meal plan. Some claim to getting more energy, while some report losing puffiness, and still others report of not feeling lethargic and always feeling not rested.

What is the Perricone Diet: Pros and Cons

Most reviews with regard to the prescription of Dr. Perricone have been generally positive. People who claim of not having adequate nutrition feel better, because the diet planned by the doctor contains sufficient amounts of nutrients that the body needs to function properly. Moreover, a lot of people get their protein needs from unhealthy sources, while the Perricone Prescription emphasizes getting them from lean eat, which in turn has a positive effect in ell renewal a metabolism, among other things.

While this meal plan of Dr. Perricone is not really a diet prescribed for losing weight, but for general well-being, a good number of people have used it to lose excess weight, and have been successful in doing so.

There are several criticisms with regard to some specific items in the meal plan that some people find expensive and impractical to get. For example, one of the items required in the menu for lunch is wild salmon, which is expensive. On the other hand, farmed salmon, which is more common, may contain chemicals and antibiotics that can humans need to eat.

The book also extensively suggests to the point of promotion, the topical treatments that Dr. Perricone produces. As he is a dermatologist by profession, it may be understandable, but then, these implements also come with a heavy price tag. This is another issue for some people, as Dr. Perricone dispenses advice for general well-being when he is supposed to primarily specialize in dermatology only, as he is a dermatologist by profession.

However, aside from the products that he sublimely promotes and the menu plan, he also champions the consumption of 25 various nutrient supplements, some of which should be taken more than twice a day, including vitamins A, C, E, B complex, folate, biotin, calcium, L-carnatine, chromium, magnesium, enzyme Q10, selenium, glutamine, omega-3 fatty acids, alpha and gamma linoleic acid, grape seed extract, and turmeric. He also prescribes at least 40 minutes of exercise six times a week to promote flexibility, strength and endurance and drinking up to ten glasses of spring water every day. He also advises people to avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages and coffee.

Apart from that, the book where Dr. Perrione's diet prescription is included in may sound self-serving, but the advice he dispenses has been proven by a lot of people to be sound and effective.

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