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What is the Park Avenue Diet?

Park Avenue NY

Dieters who are curious of "What is the Park Avenue Diet?" may actually get more frustrated upon knowing that this diet requires visits to Park Avenue, in New York! The diet program, designed by Dr. Stuart Fischer, requires dieters to visit his clinic four times during the course of the program. That means or people who are not locals of New York and do not have the financial means to do so can look for other dieting programs, for real. The visits to Dr. Fischer's office are very expensive and these procedures are not necessarily covered by most, if not all health insurance providers. Dieters would need to make an appointment to be accommodated by the doctor himself. There are 7 points in the diet plan program that claims to give the dieter everything needed not just to lose weight but to successfully keep it off as well.

What is the Park Avenue Diet: A Background

Unlike most diet and fitness programs, the Park Avenue diet of Dr. Stuart Fischer considers more factors other than the usual food and exercise being focused by those other plans. Along with them, the dieter is also encouraged to focus on other facets of her personality like having self-confidence, developing a better clothing taste, taking care of the skin and knowing how to style one's hair. The doctor believes that these factors are very important in making a person try harder when attempting to lose weight. He believes that successful weight loss is tied to people feeling good about themselves.

However, the Park Avenue Diet goes further. The doctor has also come up with his own line of supplements that dieters are suggested to take during their office visits. These supplements are actually available to dieters who are not patients of the doctor, as they are available in the doctor's official website. These three supplements: Thyroid Synergy, Gluco Balance and Daily Balance can be bought from anywhere between $16 to $38. They do not actually contain any ingredient that is supposed to block or flush away fats, but encourage hormones and organs to function more efficiently to make the body more able to maintain a healthy weight. Aside from the supplement, two books are also available for sale: The Little Book of Big Medical Emergencies and The Park Avenue Diet. With the supplements and the books already available for anyone to purchase, one wonders what the four clinic visits are for.

Actually, during these four visits, the doctor lines up a series of activities. The first visit would have the doctor and patient talking about the latter's medial history and prior weight loss issues. From there, the doctor may prescribe changes in diet and exercise, plus blood tests to gauge the patient's health. On the second visit, the results of the blood tests are discussed, and a plan for weight loss are set up. In the next visits, experts in image, hair and fashion are brought in to talk to the patient.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Park Avenue Diet

For dieters who live in the New York area and have the means to invest in this doctor, his program is deemed very personalized, so the plan is based on the individual dieter's needs. Successful people who have undergone the program also claim that it not only has been effective in making them lose weight but also enhance their self-image.

Of course, the glaring disadvantage in this diet is the cost of the four office visits which some people deem as impractical. Moreover, some think that the program's focus on hair, fashion and style are not really that necessary. Thus, only people who are rich enough to visit Park Avenue and keep a Park Avenue appearance are attracted to this program. Those who don't, may opt for the supplements and books.

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