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What is the NutriSystem Diet?


Many people want to lose weight, that's a fact. On any given day, statistics study says that 50% of America's women population is on a diet. However, cases of obesity and being overweight are still prolific in most parts of the country. Most dieticians and health experts point the blaming finger to wrong and unhealthy diets. According to them, the reason why most diets fail in giving people the weight loss that they want is because many people think that simply cutting down the food and calorie intake will work effectively. They sacrifice their health and nutritional balance just to achieve that bikini body they've always wanted.

Effective diets however should be healthy like the nutrisystem diet. What is the NutriSystem Diet? An eating plan formulated in the early seventies, the nutrisystem diet is a fast and super easy way to cut off from the extra fats. The nutrisystem is a healthy and convenient diet plan that has been around for more than 40 years now. What most people love about it is that it's really simple and easy to achieve - no need to befriend the weighing scale and plan your food portions.

The mechanics of this eating plan is fairly simple. Males are allowed 1,500 calories a day while women are suggested to take 300 calories less. Via their website, you are asked to choose different meal plans that you like and enjoy and they are delivered to your home for only 300 dollars on average per month. Diet, meal-planning, and shopping made easy! The NutriSystem diet ensures that you get the right amount of calories right to the dot and that you easily stick with the diet without overeating.

What foods are allowed? The diet plan is basically composed of microwave-ready meals that have low and negligible levels of salt, bad fat and sugars. Instead, you are given foods that are rich in good carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins and minerals, fibers, proteins and other essential food nutrients. For instance, whole wheat and fish meat that are rich in fish oil are common ingredients of nutrisystem meals.

The nutrisystem diet follows the so-called battle of good carbs versus bad carbs, or what is more simply termed as the glycemic index. Because the blood sugar primarily dictates one's feeling of hunger, the nutrisystem makes sure that it is always just on the right level. A stable blood sugar will push your metabolism to its best rate, ensuring that your body burns a lot of fat even with just doing everyday things. However, when your body's blood sugar level is on a rollercoaster, one will experience extreme fatigue and hunger, and thus tend to overeat more. Examples of food avoided in the nutrisystem diet which are rich in sugars are rice, pasta and baked products. This glycemix index is proven to be an effective way of shredding off that extra fat around your body, and it helps diabetes patients as well!

Another revolutionary thing about this online-purchase of monthly meals is that the nutrisystem diet is more than just an eating plan, but it also motivates its patrons to eat well and healthily. Since the foods available in their website are high-fiber and low in fat, one could avoid succumbing to hunger and overeating unlike their previous lifestyle. The nutrisystem diet programs the mind and body to adjust to this new healthy eating. A mindset makeover is part of the nutrisystem program wherein one is taught how to effectively say no to sinful cravings and control their food portions. After all, more than the diet program itself, discipline is the main ingredient for any diet plan to succeed.

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