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What is the New Beverly Hills Diet?

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Many people think that a weight loss diet is all about what you eat and how you eat it. However, dieticians who support the Beverly Hills diet seem to think otherwise. What is the New Beverly Hills Diet? Although it does look after these two factors, the New Beverly Hills diet focuses more on what you eat together in one meal and when you exactly eat it.

To have a background of this diet, the first formulation of this eating program was done in 1981 by a dietician named Judy Mazel. It received much attention, both from supporters and critics, because of the extremity and nature of the diet created by Mazel. In the olden times, the Beverly Hills diet program was a 42-day long eating schedule that concentrated on fruits as the source of energy and fat burning material. Although it was proven to lose up to 70 pounds, the Beverly Hills diet was greatly disparaged by many other health experts because of the health risk it poses and the imbalance of the nature of the diet.

What is the New Beverly Hills Diet and how does it exactly differ from the first formulation? After Madel has edited her diet program to address the problems of the pilot version, the New Beverly Hills diet became much less extreme and well balanced. Although it still placed a special limelight on eating fruits, Madel introduced other nutrient sources and the proper way to eat them. Why exactly does one need to know what to eat together in a meal or as Madel puts it, "conscious combining"? It is said that the poor combination of different meal types may cause to poor digestion of the body, hence weight gain is promoted. With conscious combining however, the body works optimally in breaking down the food people eat so weight loss comes easier.

The New Beverly Hills diet is a 35-day eating plan wherein one could lose as much as 10 to 15 pounds just by eating. The rules of the diet can be quite complicated and hard to follow for most people so Madel's book entitled The New Beverly Hills Diet has a full and lengthy detailed description of the 35-day diet program. To give you a background, the basic rules of the New Beverly Hills diet lies on the pairing of food groups. Fruits must be eaten in singles, proteins can be combined with fats, and carbohydrates go along well with fats. Fruit to protein, protein to carbohydrates, fats with fruits or any other combination apart from the three proper eating partners are to be avoided for maximum results.

There are many instances in this diet wherein fruit is the only thing consumed for 24 hours. Seems like an easy task to do, but think again. There are many restrictions in the New Beverly Hills diet for it to be fully effective. For example, fruit can be eaten during breakfast in unlimited amounts given that only one type of fruit is eaten. Only after a full hour has passed, or the fruits have been digested, can a person eat another type of fruit, again in unlimited amounts. If one is eating carbohydrates-fats or proteins-fats, one must wait for a full 2 hours after eating any type of fruit no matter how small the dosage. Once the body has been introduced to other products, fruit is no longer allowed to be eaten until the day ends.

What is the New Beverly Hills Diet and what's so good about it? For starters, it is indeed a very effective program that promotes a lot of detoxification and protein-consumption. Apart from that, many people have fallen in love with this diet because exercise is optional, calorie-counting and weighing is unnecessary and the food preparation is very easy. Given that one follows the 35-day diet strictly, one can regain his or her youthful shape once more and feel good about it.

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