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What is the Naturally Thin Diet?


What's makes many of the dieting fads unsustainable is that they require the person to engage in food deprivation; and when the body can't take any of the deprivation any more, it makes up resulting in weight gain. This counterproductive dieting is what the naturally thin diet tries to avoid. So what is the naturally thin diet; read more below because it might be the answer to your weight-losing prayers.

Background of the naturally thin diet. The diet is based on the book called "Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting" written by Bethenny Frankel, a reality show personality and a chef who specializes in natural foods. The dieting regimen is based on the experience of Frankel, who became fed up with the constant obsession of and stress caused by dieting. According to her, everybody has an innate thinness waiting to come out; and by freeing yourself of the food noise, you can unleash your skinny self.

Advantages of the naturally thin diet over other regimens. Here are some of the reasons of what is the naturally thin diet known for and what makes it a hit to users:

1) You can eat whatever you want whenever you want it. By not depriving yourself of the food that you love, you become productive in your dieting regimen. The trick is not to have all at once.

2) Teaches you to adapt a healthy lifestyle specifically eating habits. By choosing healthy foods, you not only lose weight but increase your well-being.

3) Teaches you to love yourself. This is the best thing about naturally thin diet. When most diets lead to maladaptive eating practices such as cycles of binge eating and throwing up, the naturally thin diet banks on organic foods and heavy vegetable consumption while not giving up your other food cravings.

Principles of the naturally thin diet. The below ten principles is the backbone of what is the naturally thin diet about:

1) Learn to balance the foods that you consume in a day. This means that you should see to it that your intake does not exceed your output so that you will not gain weight.

2) You can eat anything you like but not in one meal. This is what makes the diet sustainable as you won't feel deprived of the foods that you love, which prevents binge eating.

3) In relation to the second, make sure that when you eat all the food that you want at a certain time, do so in small portions especially the fat and calorie-loaded foods.

4) Pay attention when you eat. Sometimes, you just eat for the sake of eating and while thinking of something. As you do, you might find yourself eating a lot even when not hungry.

5) Always see to it that you eat what you need in small portions.

6) To ensure that you eat less than what you're used to, you can share your meal with somebody or divide your portions in half to be eaten later. Not only will you be able to save, but lose weight as well.

7) Never let your emotional issues get the best of your eating habits. When you are depressed and have the tendency to use food for comfort, it is best to stay clear from food until such time that you are okay.

8) Assess you eating habits and food cravings so that you will learn to avoid eating in large portions.

9) Invest in organic foods which you can eat more but will give you less calories.

10) Choose your food wisely and adapt healthy eating habits that will increase your overall wellness.

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