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What Is the Morning Banana Diet?


The number one determinant of the success of a dieting regimen is its closeness to your food habits as well as interests. This is because the more a dieting regimen strays away from such, the harder the person will be able to sustain and follow it and the more likely he or she will revert back to the original calorie-loaded diet. Good news to the dieting Asians and lovers of Asian food as there is a dieting regimen that revolves in one of the most delectable fruits of the continent. You will surely go bananas when you learn what is the morning banana diet as described below.

Background of the morning banana diet. Just like the unique beginnings of other dieting regimens, the morning banana diet was born through the integration of the ideas of members of a popular social networking site in Japan called Mixi. The diet is for people who are slightly overweight of five to fifty pounds and works well for those with an Asian build. A unique feature of the diet is that users are encouraged to join an Internet forum composed of others on the morning banana diet as well as to keep an online journal.

Advantages of the morning banana diet over other regimens. Below are points of what is the morning banana diet famous for and what makes it stand out:

1) It is simple to follow. All you have to do is substitute your breakfast with eating of one to four bananas, depending on the size. The rest of the day involves the consumption of toned down portions of your usual meal while getting rid of those foods that will give you excessive calories from fats and carbohydrates.

2) It can easily be substituted with other fruits. Users of the morning banana diet specifically chose the fruit because it is economical as well as convenient as it does not need cooking anymore. Another reason is the health benefits derived from regularly consuming bananas with the fruit's high fiber and potassium content. However, followers of the diet can use other fruits which they love when they become fed up with eating banana.

3) You become part of the community of morning banana diet users. What makes the diet unique is that you can become member of the forum from which the diet originated. Thus, you can share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings to others in the same boat as you are.

Tips when on the morning banana diet. To get most out of the regimen, aside from understanding what is the morning banana diet, there is a need to familiarize yourself with the below tips on its use:

1) You are to substitute your regular breakfast with the consumption of fresh bananas. Make sure not to stuff yourself with bananas to make up for missing your regular breakfast. If still you feel hunger pangs after thirty minutes from your banana breakfast, you can eat another non-banana food. Is it important that this food should not be loaded with calories; foods such as oatmeal of two hundred calories and below are suggested.

2) For succeeding meals, you can eat your regular meals while trying to cut the number of calories that you take in. Dessert, however, during lunch and supper is not allowed. You can satisfy your desire for sweets during snack time, but make sure to stay clear of fat-rich foods such as ice cream. In general, the trick is not become full when eating but to ensure that you won't deprive yourself and become hungry.

3) For beverage, you are only allowed to drink water of room temperature. When doing so, drink the water in small sips. Beer and wine is allowed occasionally.

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